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Digital petitions on the right platform can be one of the most powerful tools in a library advocate’s toolbox. In fact, we have seen an explosion in petition platforms across the Internet because a petition is a time-tested way to make change. At its simplest, a petition is a clear request to a decision maker, signed by many supporters. But, EveryLibrary’s petition platform for library causes is a little different.

Think of it this way: What if a government agency received thousands of emails from valued customers asking them to change a bad policy? One would hope that after seeing the emails and hearing from thousands of citizens, the politicians would change their minds. However, as we have seen, politicians have been less responsive to large petitions and some politicians ignore them outright. This is because most petition platforms do not engage their signers to take action. This is what’s known as slacktivism and this is how EveryLibrary petitions are different. We use petitions as the first step in advocacy for libraries and not the last.

EveryLibrary Petitions:

  • Ensure that library supporters have a voice in their communities
  • Collect signatures to deliver to politicians
  • Educate both the public and the politicians about library issues
  • Identify library supporters and activists in communities
  • Activate supporters to attend rallies, events, and take action for libraries

Signing and sharing EveryLibrary petitions ensure that libraries are given not only the signatures they need to fight for libraries, but the supporters and the activists they need as well. Please, sign and share our petitions today.

Your Petitions Backed By Our Platform.

If you'd like to get your petition on our platform, just submit a threat to libraries and we will work with you to make it happen and lend you our expertise, our reach, and our financial support to ensure that we make it as successful as possible. We are here to help you fight cuts to libraries.

Support Douglas County Libraries

You might not have heard, but Douglas County in Oregon is planning on closing all of its libraries but we still have an opportunity to get our voices heard! Under Oregon Revised Statute 357.621, public hearings are required prior to abolishing or withdrawing support from public libraries. Douglas County Commissioners have scheduled such hearings on January 4, 2017 and April 5, 2017 at 9 am in R...

Sign Up to Donate Books to Books With Barbers Initiative

Books With Barbers is a nonprofit organization primarily geared towards helping address the literacy and achievement gaps for young males. The goal of the organization is to equip local barbershops with books and literacy stations that fully attract the interest of school aged boys.   “Children must learn to read before they can read to learn,” said Books with Barbers founder Jasmine Mix. Unfor...

Defend the Right To Literacy for Students in Detroit

The state of Michigan is fighting a lawsuit by seven Detroit schoolchildren who say their schools are horrible — by countering that “there is no fundamental right to literacy.” Michigan’s attorney general made the bizarre argument in requesting that a federal judge toss the kids’ lawsuit, Fox News in Detroit reported. Please sign this petition to demand that children in Detroit and across Michi...

Sign the Petition for School Libraries

School librarians are on the front lines of librarianship. For many young minds they are the first contact with both librarians and libraries and provide the kinds of opportunities for imaginative exploration that libraries freely and democratically provide through their books, programs, and services. Children are allowed to explore literature and new ideas freely in school libraries while als...

Sign Up to Donate Books to Prison Libraries

My name is Jameson Rohrer, and I am the Senior Librarian for Centinela State Prison in Imperial, California, in Imperial County.  We are a library system that wants to aid those who are incarcerated not only to improve their literacy, but also aiding them in overcoming their educational and informational obstacles in order to assist them in becoming productive members of society once again.  Re...

Restore Chicago School Librarians

Please send an email to the Chicago School Board and Mayor Rahm Emanuel. This year marks another year of drastic cuts to school librarians. In fact, Chicago Public Schools are even cutting the school librarian that the students themselves stood up and successfully fought for last year. Please, don't let our students pleas go unsupported! Chicago Public School kids are being short changed in th...

Tell Politicians To Support Libraries

We are launching this petition to help you let your state and national representatives know that libraries continue to be an integral part of a healthy American community. Please take action by sending them an email today. We made it easy to send each of your representatives an email through this form. Simply enter your address and select the politician that you would like to email. You may res...

Education Not Incarceration in Kern County

Lisa Green, the Kern County District Attorney, has a salary that is more than the entire average budget of many of the library branches in Kern County combined. Now, she’s called for libraries to close in order to fund her entire department and her salary. The current budget disparities in Kern are devastating for overtaxed citizens who are getting more and more frustrated with diminishing retu...