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Save Federal Funding for Libraries and School Libraries!

The only federal funds for libraries are at risk. Tell Congress to Preserve IMLS and IAL funding TODAY!

Save Federal Funding for Libraries!

The only federal funds for libraries are at risk. Tell Congress to Preserve IMLS and IAL funding TODAY!

The 2018 federal budget is being negotiated right now and funding for libraries could be completely cut. President Trump and other Congressional leaders have targeted the only two nationwide library programs for complete elimination. Public libraries in every town, city, and county would be hit. All 50 state libraries and the amazing work they do supporting every library in your state would be harmed. School libraries and librarians, which are already reeling from years of local cuts, would have millions slashed from literacy services. If enough people - people like you who care about libraries - stand up and speak out, we hope to hold the line against these unwise and harmful cuts.

Just $5-10 a month ensures that we can continue to fight against these cuts!

We need your help TODAY to tell key members of the House and Senate that funding for IMLS - the Institute of Museum and Library Services (for public and state libraries) and for IAL - the Innovative Approaches to Literacy program (for school libraries) is preserved in the 2018 federal budget. Please take one minute to send a message to YOUR members of Congress by using the petition form at right.

Can you tell your members of the Senate and the House to keep IMLS and IAL intact in the budget? It is a simple message to send. And it is extremely important that these two rather small sources of federal funding continue. Here is what’s at stake if the Institute of Museum and Library Services is eliminated from the budget:

  • If IMLS is cut, all the state libraries around the country will lose critical funding that supports everything from audio books for the blind to 24/7 homework help for school kids to vital services for veterans and their families to interlibrary loans that makes each local library’s collection bigger and more efficient.
  • If IMLS is cut, every local library in the country will have to try to make up for some part of those services with local funding. It will be uneven and less equitable, and far more expensive.
  • If IMLS is cut, thousands of smart, fun, and high-impact local programs for libraries and museums - real innovation - will be destroyed.
  • If the Innovative Approaches to Literacy program is cut, school library programs will lose the only dedicated source of ‘equity funds’ to help ensure that the poorest schools have collections that support the curriculum and student achievement. If IAL is zeroed out, school librarians will lack critical professional development support to run the largest classroom in the school, their library.

A donation of $25-50 funds our political actions for libraries

Your members of Congress are key to preserving both IAL and IMLS funding in the 2018 federal budget negotiations. Please take 60 seconds to preserve the only federal funding for libraries.

You will make a difference today. Thank you.

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