14 Stories About Working in a Library That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Like any public workplace, librarians and library staff catch moments of human interaction that are pretty amusing and sometimes downright hilarious.

Libraries are often regarded as an accessible source of information, and as such, they aren’t usually the first place that comes to mind when a person thinks of humor. However, like any public workplace, librarians and library staff catch moments of human interaction that are pretty amusing and sometimes downright hilarious.

Check out our collection of 16 hilarious moments shared by library employees.

1. A tall, well-built Marine came into one library, looking determined but out of his element. He called a library employee over and whispered that he needed to find Major Underwear books for his child.

He meant Captain Underpants.

2. Teenagers at one library were lighting Takis corn chips on fire, and when confronted by library staff, they stated they were just trying to toast them.

The spicy coating was not toasty enough for their liking.

3. During story-time in the children’s section, a librarian read a picture book that prompted children to guess the animal that belonged to the feet pictured. When showing a picture of fuzzy, clawed squirrel feet, a small child stated they were her dad’s feet.

One couldn’t help wondering what was going on with Papa’s feet.

4. An elderly patron had his pants fall while browsing the aisle near the circulation desk and didn’t notice for several moments. When he did, he casually pulled his pants back up and went to check out.

Handling that incident with grace was the best way he could have done it.

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5. A patron requested help from the librarian in finding a photo of what he described as a large rock. After the librarian probed for more information, the patron added that the stone was blue and green and in space. He was talking about Earth.

Hats off to this librarian for providing stellar assistance to what just may have been a lost visitor to our humble planet.

6. One staff member recalls when a patron arrived at the library, looked around, appeared lost, then asked the employee where the library was.

You’re so close. You might even say the destination is right under your nose.

7. A man claiming to be an architect came to a library with a drawing of a building he was allegedly designing and seemed surprised that scanning the image did not generate a floor plan for it.

Librarians can accomplish many things, but, unfortunately, advancing the capabilities of technology in a matter of seconds isn’t one of them.

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8. One patron fell asleep and snored so loudly that the entire library could hear him. To wake him up without touching him, a couple of librarians started loudly dropping heavy stacks of books nearby. It took a couple of tries, but he eventually woke up.

Now that’s relaxation at its finest.

9. One librarian shared a recent memory in which a patron responded to an email newsletter, quite annoyed about an in-person event. He expressed that the event should have been virtual, as he couldn’t attend in-person events due to health risks.

It would be an understandable concern if this event didn’t occur in 2019. The newsletter was two years old.

10. Several teenage boys stuck slices of cheese to vertical surfaces throughout the library. In doing so, they were careful to avoid the watchful eye of the surveillance camera.

Such stealth.

11. A library staff member shared a memory about a volunteer that would occasionally stand behind the video shelves and release very loud farts, apparently believing that the shelves created a soundproof environment.

They did not.

12. One library employee recalls a time when a patron aggressively reprimanded him for wishing him a “good morning” and welcoming him back to the library.

Good morning? Good morning?! Sir, those are fighting words.

13. A library staff member recalls when one particular patron, an older man, would visit the library to bless the books in the “adult” section quietly.

Thank you?

14. One librarian made the mistake of asking a woman to leave the children’s section for undisclosed reasons, and the patron proceeded to rebuke “Satan” out of her.

Ah, one of the lesser-known sins, casting a library patron from the vicinity of Beverly Cleary’s collection.

When you visit your local library, you’re sure to gain valuable information about practically any subject that interests you. If the memories shared by these librarians are anything to go by, you might also find yourself a free laugh or two.