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Every $10 we raise helps us reach 1,000 more Americans with petitions and campaigns to support libraries and every $1 we raise helps us ensure over $1,600 in local funding for libraries. EveryLibrary is a gold-rated non-profit on Guidestar, EIN-46-1534149

Spotlight on Digital Equity

Public libraries are instrumental in motivating integrity and fair play in the digital environment.

The Taxpayers' Rising Financial Burden of Banning Books

How much are taxpayers paying to fund the book banning crusade?

How Do Libraries Support People with Mental Health Disorders?

Through staff training and compassion, libraries provide a safe haven for those struggling with mental illness.

Success: The Wyoming Public Library Endowment Challenge

Government and community partnerships are powerful forces for keeping libraries fully funded.

New School Year, New Book Challenges

Learn how to navigate the controversy around which books are permitted on school library shelves so you can support your local school librarians in the fight against book bans and challenges.

The Challenges of Getting a Library Card

New trends and policies may limit access to library cards and resources.

Tribal Libraries Committee Enhances Library Services in Oklahoma

An interview with Katherine Witzig, a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, a Library Administrative Assistant for the Chickasaw Nation Law Library of Oklahoma City University, and Chair of the Oklahoma Library Association’s Tribal Libraries Committee

The Art & Politics of Comic Books & Graphic Novels

Explore the intersection of creativity and social commentary in this unique reading format.

Vote Smarter with Help from Your Library

Libraries can prepare you to make informed voting decisions.

The Public Library as a Polling Place

Libraries make voting more accessible and inclusive.

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