Book banners LOVE to say they just want pornography out of school libraries.

They're lying and we have receipts.

Book banners LOVE to say they just want pornography out of school libraries.

They're lying.

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First of all, school libraries don't contain pornography.

Librarians and educators dedicate their time to selecting titles that will not only entertain children and teens but also educate them and provide them with a safe space to feel seen and heard. 

Half of all book bans are in public libraries. NOT school libraries.

Book banners have attacked public libraries particularly harshly but will still use the adage of wanting pornography out of school libraries as justification for their heinous actions.


They've tried to sue Barnes and Noble to keep them from being sold.

Libraries aren’t the only institutions under attack. Book banners have also sued retailer Barnes & Noble to keep books from being sold. 




They've tried to throw publishers in jail for publishing books they don’t like.

Book publishers and book vendors could receive up  to Class E felony charges, carrying 1-6 years in prison and a minimum $10,000 fine that could be increased to $100,000 for the newly created offense.


They've tried to create legislation to regulate the books that parents can choose for their families.

Of most concern are proposed laws that would allow for criminal prosecution of librarians, educators, higher ed. faculty, and museum professionals simply for doing their jobs.


They've tried to ban books about seahorses

A children’s book with an illustration of hugging sea horses is too hot to handle for kids and should be banned from elementary schools in Williamson County, Tennessee, a chapter of the conservative group Moms for Liberty insists.


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They’ve tried to ban books about Black history.

Books about pioneering civil rights activists Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. have been under attack despite illustrating American history in all its truth.

They've tried to ban books about crayons

Following a complaint, this North Carolina school district decided that a book about crayons was inappropriate and should be removed. 


They've tried to ban books about butts

The books that Llano County officials removed from the library shelves include Isabel Wilkerson’s “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents”; "They Called Themselves the K.K.K.: The Birth of an American Terrorist Group" by Susan Campbell Bartoletti; the graphic novel "Spinning" by Tillie Walden; and three books from Dawn McMillan’s “I Need a New Butt!” series.


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They've forced librarians to draw pants on cartoon character butts in children's classics

A Florida school district drew over the illustrations in multiple award-winning children’s books in its libraries after the chair of the local Moms for Liberty chapter complained that some of the characters were shown naked in the books Unicorns Are the Worst, No, David! and In the Night Kitchen


They've tried to defund and close PUBLIC libraries when their whining didn't get them what they wanted.

Michigan. Illinois. Missouri. Wyoming. Arkansas. Texas. Louisiana. Washington. Alabama. Virginia

We have seen the march of book bannings turn into a movement to entirely defund public libraries.


They've tried to ban books that teach children about body anatomy and autonomy and how not to get groomed



They've even lied about the books being in the libraries at all

Their list of more than 400 titles predominantly focuses on young adult books with LGBTQ characters, scenes describing sexual activity, or invoking the occult.

The only problem: None of the books are in the library’s collection. 


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They've tried enacting legislation to arrest librarians

These proposed bills do harm whether or not they become law. They create a climate where librarians and educators are looked at as harming to children or even as criminals.


Even people who ran for office on the book banning platform are learning that they were lied to

Courtney Gore, a Granbury ISD school board member, has disavowed the far-right platform she campaigned on. Her defiance has brought her backlash.