Hundreds of books are usually banned by just ONE person in a community

It only takes a single complaint to strip a book from the library. Just one. That’s it.

How many people does it take to get a book banned from a library? Ten? Fifty? The majority of the affected community?


In fact, the majority of ALL book bans in the United States were initiated by just 11 people, like Jennifer here.

That means that book banning is NOT a movement. It's an attack.

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In states enacting book bans, in most cases it only takes a single complaint to have a strip a book from the library. Just one. That’s it.

You would think it would require even a simple majority to have a book taken away. But in communities around the United States, there are lone actors challenging books under vaguely worded laws and having them removed from the entire town’s libraries.

Look at what is happening in St. James, Florida where ONE person got twenty three books removed. Or in Clay County District schools where ONE person forced almost thirty books off shelves.

In one Utah school district, one married couple was behind 199 out of 205 challenges costing the district more than $100,000.

Or here in Escambia Public Schools where all but one of the dozens of book bans were initiated by just one person.

According Pen America's latest book banned report:


In Clay County, Florida, at least 100 books were pulled from access after being challenged, following complaints by a single person.


By the way: he admits he has not read any of the books he is challenging.

And that is part of the madness with these laws. They do not necessarily even require that the person challenging the books and requesting them be removed to read the book. All they have to do is fill out a form correctly. Literally, it’s just a matter of getting the paperwork right. In fact, the only reason he has only succeeded 102 times so far is that his challenges have been sloppily filed. But he has promised he will go back and correct the errors so more books can be taken away. 


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Is that what you want? Do you think it is what your community wants? For one radical person to deny you and your family the opportunity to choose what you get to read? Does it make sense for one fringe political actor to take away everyone’s freedom to pick the books they get to enjoy? Does that sound like liberty to you?

It is not an exaggeration to say that one person can get hundreds, or even thousands, of books banned. This kind of absurdity needs to be stopped.

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