CLA Scholarship Fundraiser

Are you ready to Make CLA Happen again in 2017?

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We only ask for information required by law for contributions to 501(c)4 organizations like ours. We are required to ask for your employer and occupation. If you don't have an employer or are retired, please write "Not Applicable," and repeat your address. If you are self-employed put "self-employed" in employer and describe your occupation.
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CLA Scholarship Fundraiser

Are you ready to Make CLA Happen again in 2017?

$4,570.00 raised
Goal: $7,000.00

Last year, the California Library community blew us away with their generosity and raised $5500 in less than a month for California Library Association conference scholarships. Can we do it again this year? Our goal is to raise $7000 by October 11th to support CLA conference attendance in Riverside for library staff and library school students who lack the means to go otherwise. Consider this an opportunity to give back, pay it forward, and support others who want to make it happen for California libraries.

We also have some delightful prizes to further incentivize your generosity!

  • The first 20 people who donate $25 or more to the Make CLA Happen scholarship will receive a 22oz bottle of "Shrill," a spicy blonde ale brewed with Warrior, Challenger, and Liberty hops, created by the wonderful Brewing Librarian, Derek Wolfgram!
  • Anyone who donates $50 or more will be entered into a drawing for two tickets to Hamilton at the Pantages in Los Angeles (2PM show on 12/9/17).

Don't throw away your shot (or pint)! Donate today!

Thanks to our partner EveryLibrary for supporting this effort for the third year in a row!

Who's donating

Jennifer Smith
Michele Villagran
Barbara Fleeman
Ashley Kagan
Lana Adlawan
Rita Lovell
Joanna Fabicon
Erin Peak
Robert Karatsu
Misty Jones
Diana Garcia
Derek Wolfgram
Lisa Nowlain
Monique Ziesenhenne
Stephanie Beverage
Brian Guenther
Kelly Tyler
Ann Awakuni Fernald
Karin Mente
Juliene Malecot
Sharon McKellar
Dani Perez-Granado-Cox
Dolly Knight
Sarah Vantrease
Stacey Akahoshi
Alysha Cisneros
Charity Anderson
Shauna Redmond
Amy Calhoun
Shawn Thrasher
Who's donating: from Marina, CA donated. Thank you!

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