Donate to Support Summer Reading

Make a donation to support and promote summer reading in the United States to help our children get ahead!

We are launching a national campaign to promote summer reading at libraries across the country and to encourage children to raise money while reading to support our efforts to fight for libraries.

Summer reading is a critical program for our nation's youth. That's because summer reading loss accounts for roughly 80% of the reading achievement gap between more and less economically advantaged children. Even more alarming is that children who lose reading skills over the summer by not participating in programs like summer reading at their local libraries will be two years behind their classmates by the end of 6th grade. We can't let this continue.

That's why we want all children in the United States to have the opportunity to participate in summer reading by promoting participation in summer reading and educating parents on the importance of this program. In order to do that, we need your help. You can make a one-time donation here on this page and it will go to help promote summer reading in the United States. Your donations will allow us to run ads online, on local radio stations, newspaper ads and articles, and increase awareness about how parents can sign their children up for summer reading at their local library and our summer reading fundraiser. In fact, for every $10 we raise, we will be able to promote summer reading to over 1,000 parents in the United States!

You donations will help us showcase the ways that summer reading at libraries supports students and helps fight against this crippling summer slide.