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Fax for SCA-3 in California

Send us a letter of support by March 20th to be included in the Senate Analysis of SCA-3. We will fax it for you!

Fax for SCA-3

Send us a letter of support by March 20th to be included in the Senate Analysis of SCA-3. We will fax it for you!

This form is designed for you to submit your letters to the Senate Finance Committee to be included in their analysis. Please paste your letters in the comment section and we will fax them all to the Senate Committee on March 20th.

Senator Bill Dodd (D-Napa) has introduced Senate Constitutional Amendment 3, which seeks to lower the vote threshold for the passage of local library construction bond projects from the current 2/3rds local vote requirement to 55%.  In a press release issued by Senator Dodd, he stated, Our public libraries provide critical services to our state, educating future generations, promoting lifelong learning and providing cultural enrichment.  That’s why we need to empower local communities to better maintain and expand the accessibility and capacity at their public libraries.”  

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SCA 3 is being referred to two different policy committees in the State Senate, with the first stop being the Senate Governance and Finance Committee on Wednesday, March 29 at the State Capitol.  That’s why we are asking you to take a moment today to submit a letter in the comments section on this page to be included in the committee analysis. We will fax the letter for you!

In order to include your letters, you must submit them by fax, or submit them here and we will fax them for you, no later than Monday, March 20th.  We want to ensure that you, your group, or your local government entity will be listed in the committee analysis so please submit your letters in the comments of this petition platform on this page today and we will fax them for you on March 20th to be included.

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In your submitted letters, please indicate how important public libraries are to your community, the many services you provide to patrons daily, and the critical need to have the infrastructure that will support these vital services.  Please stress how essential it is to give your local community the tools and the authority to decide if they would like to levy a library bond for new construction, renovation, or expansion by a 55% vote. 

Attached is a copy of SCA 3 for your information.

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