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Send a Message to Des Moines to Support Libraries!

Use This Form to Send a Message to Des Moines to Support Iowa Libraries!

Send a Message to Des Moines to Support Libraries!

Use This Form to Send a Message to Des Moines to Support Iowa Libraries!

Iowa libraries serve almost every town and community member across the state. Librarians provide vital services that don’t exist anywhere else. Because of our amazing network of libraries, Iowans can access the Internet, find early childhood educational programs and homework help, and take advantage of resources for job searches, career development, and personal enrichment.

The General Assembly needs to hear how important you think these services are - and how libraries and librarians matter to you. Please join the Iowa Library Association in asking your state senators and representatives to increase state aid and help support every library in Iowa.

We spend hundreds of dollars a week on these petitions and political action to support libraries.
Please help us continue this work with a $5-10 a month donation.

The Iowa Library Association is asking Des Moines for full funding for the State Library of Iowa and increased funding for the Enrich Iowa program. There are three key points that your state legislators need to hear:

  • Fully fund the State Library. This will allow the State Library to partner with public libraries to expand services for Iowans.
  • Strengthen Enrich Iowa. This will let libraries use new funds to modernize infrastructure, update technology, provide innovative services, and strengthen local library service across the state.
  • Support Teacher Librarians. School librarians across the state need to be recognized as instructional staff, since they both teach and enhance student learning in school libraries, classrooms, learning commons, makerspaces, labs, and virtual learning spaces.

It is very important for the legislature to continue its financial support for statewide career and workforce related databases through our libraries. Those resources help thousands of Iowans learn and enhance skills needed for Iowa’s multi-faceted workforce. That’s why EveryLibrary is proud to support the Iowa Library Association on their Legislative Day 2019 agenda, and it is why we are asking you to take action today.

It’s easy to make your voice heard for libraries. Simply add your name to the email petition to the right and your legislators will know how you value libraries and the work librarians do. Libraries are the kind of smart, high-impact solutions to our problems that legislators need to hear about - and support. Thanks for taking this important next step today.

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