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Landslide Victory in Hatboro, PA

Landslide Victory in Hatboro, PA

Read all about the landslide victory for this little library in Hatboro, PA

Written By Patrick Sweeney

We are excited that we are finally able to announce another win made possible by our library donors and supporters and the hard work of local campaigners in Hatboro, PA.

The election day for this library was over two weeks ago but the results required a hand count of ballots due to a computer glitch. In fact, the first count of the electronic ballots showed the library only won with a handful of votes. Thankfully there was a hand count due to 24 illegible ballots which led to the finding that the electronic ballot readers were incorrectly programmed to read the ballots and the library actually won by an almost 3 to 1 margin!

For more about how we supported this campaign, here is a note from the Hatboro Yes Committee:

We realized it was time for us to seek dedicated, stable funding for our public library. Researching the nuts and bolts of how the ballot works was relatively easy, but support from EveryLibrary was critical to devising a winning campaign strategy. They provided support and guidance every step of the way, from logistics, to software, to moral support. The seasoned professionals at EveryLibrary were especially helpful to us as first-time campaigners in deciding where to allot our limited resources. Their input allowed us to avoid wasting time and energy on things that wouldn’t impact actual votes, and to target all of our resources where they would count. Having EveryLibrary along on the campaign with us was greatly helpful in avoiding beginner’s mistakes, and it was immensely reassuring to have the experts behind us in an unfamiliar area. EveryLibrary provided all of these services pro-bono to our campaign except for reimbursement for travel to Hatboro for training our campaign team. The costs of working with EveryLibrary should present no obstacle for your library. If your library is considering a ballot campaign for funding, we give EveryLibrary our strongest possible recommendation. Speak to them before you even make the decision to campaign, and they will be there for you at every step through the end.

A donation of just $1 per month helps us ensure almost $20,000 in stable funding for libraries.
If you donate today, we'll send you an "I Love My Library" durable vinyl sticker to show off your support for your library wherever you go.

We are proud of our work supporting this ballot initiative because supporting libraries at the ballot box is the foundation of our work. That’s because over 90% of library funding is dependent on the will of local voters and EveryLibrary is the only organization in the country that provides direct pro-bono support for libraries going to the voters. Your donations and actions have allowed us to provide assistance to over 100 library campaigns and ensure over 1.7 billion dollars in stable funding for libraries. That means that every dollar that we’ve raised to support libraries at the ballot box has returned over $1,600 in stable yearly funding. That’s why donating just $1 per month to EveryLibrary helps ensure almost $20,000 in library funding across the United States.

We’re proud to work with libraries on ensuring that they have the funding they need to continue to support their communities. If you’d like to support this critical work, please consider making a $25-$50 donation today.






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