One Million Americans For Libraries

Join the movement! Help us find one million Americans who love libraries on Facebook.

Million Americans

Join the movement! Help us find one million Americans who love libraries on Facebook.

As the National Political Action Committee for Libraries, and a gold-rated non-profit on Guidestar, we are always excited to show off the great things that libraries do across the country and get more American’s engaged in supporting libraries. For our 5th Anniversary we want to be able to reach even more Americans with a pro-library message. That’s why we’re announcing our One Million Americans For Libraries Campaign today!

Join us on Facebook and invite your friends to help us find one million Americans for libraries.

We’re so excited about the work that libraries are doing to help communities across the country. From storytimes to job placement assistance to helping people start new businesses, learn skills, and get ahead in life, librarians are really making a huge difference. We want to do everything we can to promote the importance of libraries to everyone in the country, and, with your help, we can do it through our Facebook page.


Right now our Facebook page has over 220,000 Americans “liking” the page. That allows us to reach over 1.5 million people each week through shares and organic reach. If we can get to over one million “likes,” we’ll be able to reach over 7 million Americans every single week and tell them about the great work that librarians are doing across the country, and we can get them to take action to support libraries by signing petitions, attending rallies, and voting yes for libraries. This would be a game changer for library advocacy.

Taking a few minutes and inviting your friends to like the EveryLibrary Facebook page is one of the biggest things you can do to help us support libraries in the United States right now.

To kick off that campaign and to get involved in helping us build a more proactive advocacy environment for libraries, please visit this page to get the tools you need! This page includes social media badges and banners, videos, text to share on FB messenger, and all the tools you need to take action right now!

To get started right now, we are asking you to do just two things today. These two things will make the biggest difference in our campaign to one million Americans for libraries.

1) Like EveryLibrary on Facebook

2) Take just 5 minutes and use the invite feature on the page to invite your friends and family to like the page. This is the most effective thing you can do to help us achieve this goal today! If you do invite your friends to like us on Facebook, let us know on this page! We have a prize for you that we want to send you in the mail.

If we can reach our goal, we will be able to reach millions of Americans who are willing to step up and take action to support libraries across the country whenever they are threatened. Please, don’t let this opportunity slip.

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