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Teens Make a Difference As Volunteers

Teen volunteers saved summer at my library. With their help, I was able to put on large-scale messy shaving cream painting projects, sign up more families for summer reading, prepare construction vehicle felt pieces for future storytimes, gather ideas for tween programs, and so much more. Teen volunteers lend their time and abilities to the library, making our libraries and the communities we serve all the better for it.

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An Opportunity To Support Libraries in Three States

As the nation’s Political Action Committee for libraries, we have an opportunity to dramatically improve funding for libraries in three states. But we can only do it with your support.

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Artist in Residence Rachal Dugan - "Fun Library Facts" Project Interview

The Secret to the Library of Things

Has marveling about how cool it is that the library lets you check out books for free ever led you to wonder if there was a place where you could borrow other things for no charge too? Well, wonder no more, because indeed there is! In fact, it’s actually not a different place — it’s just the same ol’ library again. Surprise!

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A Library Saved His Life

Ok, libraries are great — but saving a life? How is that possible? Libraries can’t rescue a drowning person from a lake or pull someone from a burning house. So, how can a library save a life?

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Plurality Voting and How to Improve U.S. Elections

What is “plurality voting”? Simply put, plurality voting is the voting method where voters choose only one candidate for a given political office, with the winner being the candidate with the most (or a “plurality”) of votes.

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Libraries Are About Choices, and That’s How it Should Be!

Reading library news on a regular basis is enough to make a freedom-loving person crazy; every week I read about seemingly regular people attempting to ban books or protest library programs!

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Five Reasons You Need to Visit Your Library Before Storming Area 51

Apparently, a lot of people are dying to know what’s going on behind the rickety gates of the mystery zone known as Area 51, and a bunch of them are finally doing something about it.

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3 Ways to Beat The Summer Slide Without an Uphill Battle

It’s a quiet early evening at the library when a father and his soon-to-be eighth grade daughter approach my desk. I ask them how I can help and the father gestures meaningfully to the daughter. She shrugs and shakes her head. After a beat, he relents, “She needs help finding something to read over the summer so she doesn’t stop learning.”

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Taking Control of Your Health and Wellbeing Starts at the Library

When you or a loved one have received a medical diagnosis, navigating the world of health information available can be a confusing and frightening prospect. Fortunately, your local public library can help you during this difficult time by providing valuable assistance in locating relevant, credible and authoritative sources for consumer health information.

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