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Find out more about the role and significance of libraries in the United States.

Free eBooks Galore!

Anyone with a library card can easily access free ebooks on their devices without having to scour the internet or use illegal platforms to download new titles.

Part of the Gig Economy? Grab a Library Card!

Whether it’s a side hustle or the freelancer’s life that you’re living, the library is your business’ best friend.  


We Are All Living Through History. Let’s Make Sure to Archive It.

Archives and libraries are helping communities collect and preserve what is important to them during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Innovative Ways Libraries Are Helping Communities During COVID

Libraries are always changing and growing to help their communities — now more than ever.

Military Families Need Their Public Libraries

It can be difficult to adjust to new places and faces. Libraries are perfect locations for helping military families feel at home in a new town.

The Secret Weapon To Great Research Papers: Databases

Students of all ages should look to the databases provided by school libraries and public libraries to succeed

Libraries, Segregation, and Civil Rights

One of the first sit-ins in the United States happened at a segregated public library. It is important for libraries to recognize their own troubled history while helping communities celebrate and surface their own. 

Supercharge Your Little Free Library

Little Free Libraries (LFLs) are one of the largest book-sharing movements in the world. These small, wooden boxes have been appearing in neighborhoods everywhere and offer an easy book exchange for those looking to discover new reads and share some of their favorite books as well.

Trump Cut Funding for Libraries? So what?!

Unfortunately, that's the response we hear most often because most Americans don’t know what the Institute of Museum and Library Services does. Which makes it hard to care about when it gets cut.

Libraries, Museums, and a Diverse America

Since 1996, the has supported libraries and museums across the United States, helping these organizations transform the lives of individuals and communities through grantmaking, research, and policy development.