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Keep Politics out of Nebraska Libraries. "No" on LB969

Sign the petition to let LB 969 die in committee and leave politics out of libraries. #noLB969

Petition LB969

Sign the petition to let LB 969 die in committee and leave politics out of libraries. #noLB969



#noLB969 Petition


General Affairs Committee
Nebraska Legislature
Senator Tyson Larson (Chairman), Senator Colby Coash (Vice-Chairman), Senator Matt Hansen, Senator Dan Hughes, Senator Mark Kolterman, Senator John McCollister, Senator Merv Riepe, and Senator Ken Schilz


To the Honorable Members: 

LB 969 is of grave concern to us, the undersigned.  We are petitioning you to ask that you not advance LB 969 in the committee and vote to "indefinitely postpone" this bad idea for Nebraska libraries and the communities they serve.

LB 969 is not in response to the need or will of voters and citizens in our state, and it will not enhance or improve library services across the state. Passage of LB969 would be an unwarranted, unwelcome, and dangerous change to the very foundations of public libraries in Nebraska. 

LB 969 does not propose a minor change to library law. It should not leave the Committee because it is not needed in Nebraska. The responsibilities of library boards as citizen representatives safeguarding our public libraries should not be invalidated for political expediency. The role of professional librarians and directors should not be assumed by mayoral or council-appointed advisory committees. We want to keep politics out our libraries, not have libraries be directly beholden to local politicians. 

Please let LB969 die in Committee. 




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Rev. Richard J. Ream
Billy Coghill
Melissa luettel
S Trease
Nicole Menard
Patricia Petska
Dr.  George Strassler
Heather Zaruba
Ruth Strassler
Anne Soderlund
Susan Thomas
Betty Robinson
Sam Beaman
Kim Workman
Natalie Bazan
Deborah Kavan
Michael Tzipori
Hella Bauer
Heather Hatter
Stephanie Heinemann
Gary Pospisil
Janell Oelsligle
Cris Elznic
Martha Burnip
Judy Cleveland
Adam Burke
Matt Krueger
Katherine Pfeil
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