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Take the pledge to support libraries at the ballot box!

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Take the pledge to support libraries at the ballot box!

This November, I pledge to vote for candidates who support libraries and library ballot measures.

When I vote, I will consider how candidates look at libraries. I understand that everyone running for office, from the President to the local legislators in my community, are the people who make funding decisions for libraries. I also understand that my own vote matters this year and for future generations of Americans. 

I pledge to #VoteLibraries because:

  1. Libraries transcend political parties and politics. They are open and free for all. 
  2. Librarians need stable funding at the local level and from state and federal programs to do their life-changing work well.
  3. Quality libraries support business development and entrepreneurs and that makes our local and national economy stronger and they provide the resources for a more educated and informed community.
  4. My community is a better place to live, is more fun and interesting, and is more successful because of our library.
  5. I want to live in a community that values its libraries and supports its librarians. Every town and city in America deserves that same opportunity.



Who's pledging

Laurie Bottenberg
Cory Lampert
Rebecca Gorlin
Margaret Moller
Kimberley Shaw
Dan Grimes
Lynn Waghalter
Sandra Padilla
marilyn Hemingway
Betsy Summers
Deena North
Stephanie Stanton
Barb Delozier
Lauren Offerman
Mary1 Berruz
Heidi Estrin
Kathleen Alford
Laura Clark
Pam McGlynn
Margaret Lyons
Holly Mellas
Tim Trauger

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