Visit the Seven Wonders of the World from Home

The library is your staycation headquarters.

Lawyers, Bots, and Query

The use of AI in legal research is becoming more common.

Thrive International Collaborates with Spokane Public Library to Build Affordable Housing

Affordable housing and expanded library services are coming to Spokane, Washington.

How Minecraft and Roblox Help Your Kids Learn While Having Fun

There’s more educational value in popular video games like Minecraft and Roblox than you may realize.

The Best Rainy-Day Summer Activity: Get Free Museum Passes from Your Library!

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Popular Library Tech Programs for Kids and Teens

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Make the Library Your Third Place This Summer

Where else can you go to have fun, get out of the heat, and enjoy books and programs for free?

Now, Only Adults Can Access Some Libraries in Idaho!

The Donolly Library in Idaho is now restricted to adults only. Children are no longer allowed to check out books or enter the library. And anyone who challenges a book in Idaho can receive a bounty of $250! That means that book banners can get paid to keep you from accessing books in the state. Even worse, some libraries' entire budgets are only a few thousand dollars, and a half-dozen book bans would bankrupt them and shutter them.

Eleven People are Responsible for 73% of Book Ban Requests in Wisconsin

According to a Wisconsin Watch review of records obtained from all but two of the state’s 421 public school districts, more than 100 Wisconsin school districts — 1 in 4 — fielded inquiries about book bans.

Creative Library Programs You Don’t Know About

Libraries always find innovative ways to connect with their communities.