This Federal Agency Impacts Every American, Chances Are You Have Never Heard of It

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) is an independent grantmaking agency that provides federal support to museums and libraries in the United States. You have probably never heard about this agency. Still, they play a significant role in the survival of libraries. Here is everything you should know about the IMLS and its importance for your local library funding.

Love the Planet, Use the Library

When we think of bound packages of paper, sustainability is probably the last thing that comes to mind. As book lovers, it can be difficult to balance our love of reading with our love for the planet, especially if we eat up books like candy. Thankfully, libraries provide an eco-friendly reading alternative for bibliophiles. Plus, using a library not only positively affects the planet, but the whole community at large.

Find Legal Assistance at Your Local Law Library

Despite being incredible assets to their surrounding communities, law libraries continue to be underfunded. It is essential to recognize their services and discuss what makes law libraries stand out. Law libraries significantly support lawyers and their staff, but their services to the community are also vital. Law libraries provide accessible and affordable legal services to the public. Here are just a few law library services available in many communities.

Books for Young People: A History

The fascinating evolution of children’s literature from the Pentamerone to Dog Man. April 2 is International Children’s Book Day. Created by the International Board for Books for Young People which was founded in Switzerland in 1953, an international organization dedicated to promoting children’s literature worldwide. They chose this date to honor their countryman, and children’s book author Hans Christian Anderson’s, birthday. A relatively new event, it began in 1967, it honors an equally new genre whose history reflects our growing understanding of childhood as well as its place in an increasingly complex world.

8 Books for Children That Foster a Love of the Natural World

April 2nd is Children’s Book Day, and with the arrival of spring comes new opportunities for children to nurture their love for nature. There are so many excellent new books for children that are educational and inspiring. There's a story for every child, whether they’re looking for a book that allows them to tangibly interact with nature, learn more about their surroundings, or participate in environmental activism. 

Libraries Benefit Military Children and Families

April is set aside as an appreciation month for military children each year. It’s officially known as the Month of the Military Child, with April 15 designated by the Department of Defense as Military Kids Day, aka Purple Up Day. Purple shows support for all military branches, with all service colors represented. So expect to see Air Force blue, Army green, Navy blue, Marine red, and Coast Guard blue mixed together.

The Library is a "Judgement-Free Zone": A True Story

Library workers often take note of regular patrons and try to understand and assist with their routines. Just as a top barista begins preparing a daily customer’s drink when they see that person enter the shop, good library staff are observant, remembering the preferences and habits of their frequent flyers.

Academic Libraries Serve the Public in Surprising Ways

Did you know can probably access your local university or college library for free? Think about college and university libraries. You might picture places of research and study, with students and faculty writing papers and prepping for exams. But these hubs of learning are so much more. They are museums of history, art, and literature. They are places to discover, be inspired, or enjoy a beautiful, quiet retreat. Even better is that countless academic libraries open their doors and resources to the public, with no tuition required.

Idaho’s Digital Library: A Tale of Innovation and Collaboration

Academic libraries in Idaho banded together to create the Digital Library of Idaho (DLI). Ben Hunter, Dean of University Libraries at the University of Idaho, pointed to a strong desire to make various collections available to a general-interest audience and scholars doing research. Not only would the group be open to anyone with an internet connection, but they can also access these materials from one main site, rather than having to go through pages of Google search results.

Tribal Libraries Support Culture and Craft in Native Communities

Training opportunities and entrepreneurial resources at tribal libraries equip artists and artisans with the skills to thrive in the creative economy.