The Joy of Lifelong Learning

As the name implies, lifelong learning refers to the act of educating yourself. This can include anything from college courses to self-taught skills and hobbies. Reading can be considered a lifelong learning opportunity. Books teach us about the world around us and the life skills needed to succeed. Even so, when it comes to libraries, the joys of lifelong learning expand beyond reading. Libraries provide public education, extra-curricular activities, and tools for research.

Looking to Change Your Habits? The Library Can Help

If you’ve been interested in trying something new, your local public library may be able to help. As a vital community service, many libraries offer their services with little to no fees. These include books, classes, expensive technology like computers, ways to improve your health and wellbeing, and resources to learn new skills. Libraries are always about making basic life needs as accessible as possible. If you’ve been looking for a change, try visiting your local library to see what they do to help.

Library Services for Blind and Low Vision Users

Libraries are one of the most accessible community services for a reason. Not only are most library resources completely free, but they’re designed for all people to engage with the written word. If you’re a person who is blind or living with low vision, you don’t need to worry about a lack of accessibility at your local library. Many provide bestselling books transcribed in Braille or converted to audiobooks. If you’ve been searching for accessible reading materials, visit your local library!

Library Services for People with Developmental Disabilities

Libraries have always found a way to reach all kinds of populations in their communities, from those that are homeless, to seniors, to toddlers. They offer resources so that everyone feels like they can go to the library for whatever they need. And, when the library finds that there are people that aren’t being equally served, they make the effort to change that by finding new ideas and training their staff.

Here's How Librarians Choose What Goes on the Shelves

Book banning is in the air again as self-important busybodies around the United States rail against parental choice, the expertise of teachers, and the professional duties of librarians. The spittle in the air is thick with ignorance and self-righteousness as the misinformed maraud against the freedom to read. Perhaps it’s once again time for a national read-around of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451? 

Libraries Are a Gateway to Community Connection

Many of us think of libraries as just a place for literature. Checking out a book allows the reader to escape into faraway places, the great minds of authors, and the collective knowledge of our people. Reading is a great form of self-care, but it is also a solitary activity that can take you away from others.  

Learn a New Language for Free Using Your Library Card

It may seem impossible to find accessible and affordable language-learning resources. But, did you know that your local library can provide all of these tools and more?  Needing only a library card, you could potentially learn an entire language for free. Whether that includes using language learning technology like Mango or CDs that help you practice conversational skills, access to materials like films and books, or a free class, your library is ready to help you meet your learning goals for free!

Save Money, Use the Library

Did you know that you could save $50 or more a month by using your local, public library? Avid readers get a lot of benefits from obtaining free, accessible books, office space, resources, and services. Libraries are a public service that is designed to make their resources as affordable as possible for everyone. Whether you’re trying to decrease your spending, living through financial insecurity, are a student, or simply want to explore ways to bolster your savings your local library can help! Here are all the reasons why libraries are a fantastic way to save money.

New Fitness Goals? Join the Library Instead of the Gym

With the new year comes new goals for health and fitness. The treadmills and ellipticals at the local gyms will start to fill up as new and old members alike summon fresh motivation from their New Year’s resolutions. While you may be tempted to sport a brand spanking new membership at your local gym, you might want to think twice before shelling out your hard-earned cash for sign-up fees and monthly membership dues.

Reading is Self-Care

Reading can be seen as a “lonely,” “academic,” and “lazy” hobby. Also, some people understandably feel bitter about reading after being forced to analyze certain books in school. Reading is a completely normal and healthy way to relieve stress and exercise your brain. It invokes creativity and intense feelings of empathy that force your brain to literally “escape.” During a global pandemic, being able to temporarily escape into a novel may be more important than ever. Here are all the reasons why reading is a valid form of self-care.