Social Workers at the Library

Libraries and social workers have a lot in common. Both are dedicated to serving every demographic in their community and are willing to develop innovative solutions to share resources. Recently, community social workers and libraries have overlapped in new ways through partnerships to address community needs.

They Couldn't Ban Books, So They Banned Words

Because the extremist right is having a hard time banning books, they've moved on to banning words. The Wisconsin Assembly passed legislation (Assembly Bill 411 & Senate Bill 411) on a party-line vote Tuesday that would bar public schools from teaching words that the State Government doesn't approve of. This bill seeks to ban any education that teaches Americans that racism or sexism is wrong.

Reading as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Reading plays an integral role in a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. While other behaviors may have stronger effects⁠ on your mind and body — such as diet, exercise, and work-life balance⁠ — reading has the extra appeal of being free! When you acquire a library card, you gain access to an endless supply of books, each of which has the potential to enhance your life in a multitude of ways. As you indulge in a dedicated reading habit, you may experience better sleep, reduced stress, and other healthful benefits.

Iowa: Criminalizing Books and Arresting Teachers and Librarians

The GOP controlled legislature in Iowa is proposing legislation that would throw teachers in jail for the books in their classrooms. Senate President Jake Chapman believes that the books like “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas and “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie are inappropriate, so he is trying to create a new felony offense for educators. Sen. Brad Zaun, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, also supports such a move.

The Vital Role of Law Libraries

The law affects all aspects of our lives. Our society is built upon laws and there are more than enough rules and legal jargon to confuse us eternally. This is where law libraries step in. Law libraries are impactful beyond imagination. They exist all around the world for multiple reasons, from educating eager learners, to helping the public navigate complex information. While they are fundamental in supporting the justice system, they are often overlooked and poorly funded. The efforts that law libraries dedicate towards the community make legal information accessible to all, which is extremely important in maintaining a democratic society.

Public and Academic Libraries: What’s the Difference?

A library’s a library, right? They contain books, digital resources and archives, CDs and DVDs, and events, or some combination of all these things. Libraries are repositories of knowledge and information of all kinds. So why is there a distinction between public and academic libraries?  

4 Guiding Library Lights (and one cool initative)

Like every other profession, modern librarians owe the standard practices and innovations on those that came before. The history of library science in America includes some amazing people. It also includes some less than noble ones. The following are five of the librarians that laid the foundation that exist in libraries today.

Libraries Help Veterans Transition to Civilian Life

It is easy to remember that enlisting in the military involves some major lifestyle changes for the new recruits. But at the other end of the service, especially if they remained in the military for years, the transition back can be equally challenging. Veterans and their families may have become accustomed to frequently changing hometowns, or weeks and months with one parent if the other was deployed. They’re also used to being part of a community of other military members, to the point of having their own lingo. But when they leave the military, they must adjust to the new normal, which often involves changing careers. As always, many libraries have identified these needs and are working to fill them.

Libraries Empower Parents to Make Smart Choices for Their Children

Libraries provide a variety of services for all types of people and situations. An important role in a library’s work in the community is not only to help local patrons in the present but prepare community members for a better future. What better way to do this than helping those who are raising the next generation? There are endless resources that libraries can give to parents that guide them through raising their children. Libraries never force ideas but rather empower people to make smart choices for themselves. When parents have the right tools, they can make better choices for their children.

A Potato Mystery at the Wayland Free Public Library

Here is a story that will baffle you just as much as it has baffled the public librarians at Wayland Free Public Library. There aren’t too many unexpected encounters that librarians have, especially on a regular day at work. However, many were left confused when mysterious potatoes began showing up on the lawn of the library. These random appearances were not only a curious mystery for those in town to become engaged with, they were also a humorous addition to the week.