Safety In the Stacks

The idea of ‘safe spaces’ has taken on a new urgency. Libraries are a logical place to offer them. Many public and academic libraries have taken steps to provide this crucial resource, but the setup requires thought and care to serve those who need them.

The Impact of Library Access in Queer Communities

Libraries fight to be safe, affirming LGBTQIIA+ gathering spaces. 

Stressed? Find the Antidote at Your Local Library

Insights into health initiatives in libraries by Paula Younger, Librarian at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, Weston-super-Mare, UK.

It's Time To Start Reading Again

Making time to sit down and read is easier said than done. 

Families: Participation in ‘Summer Reading’ is More Beneficial Than Ever

Children need access to engaging literacy activities as they deal with the ongoing pandemic. 

Bigotry and Nationalism Launched Nazi Book Burning

The first attack on books by Nazis started with LGBT and “un-German” books. 

A Writer’s Love Letter to Libraries

Practice plays a significant role in the success of writing, but it takes more than a pen and paper to create a story.

Dear New Parents, the Library Has You Covered

Your local library is ready to support you with storytime activities, free educational resources, and accessible caregiving accommodations. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about library services for new parents.

Book Banners are Going After Private Businesses

The book banners are going after bookstores now. Libraries weren't enough for them. They want to censor your books, pure and simple. 

Get to Know Your Library: The Complete Checklist

Ask your local librarians these questions on your next visit. These conversation starters will help you get the most out of your local library and everything it offers.