Use Your Library’s Meeting Room

Are you hosting client meetings? Forming a club or study group? Organizing a committee meeting? Do you need a free, convenient place to meet?

Find Homework Help at Your Library

Turn to the library when homework becomes overwhelming and challenging for your child. 

On Libraries and Weeding

How does weeding dandelions compare to weeding library books?

Academic Libraries for Your Travel Bucket List

Plan a trip to one of these scholastic destinations.

How Do Teens Use Public Libraries?

Librarians create spaces where students can relax, study, and engage with their peers.

What is a Digital Library?

Talk to your librarian about getting set up to access free digital resources. 

Writers Need Libraries; Libraries Need Writers

Simply put, the best way to improve one’s writing skills is to read the work of other writers. 

The Instructional Role of Academic Librarians

The responsibilities of academic librarians go far beyond housing books for higher education institutions. 

Cover Letter Services Offered at the Library

Many libraries can help you create a resume and can also assist you in writing a cover letter. 

Health and English West Country Libraries

An overview of projects in health and libraries Paula Younger, Librarian at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, Weston-super-Mare, UK.