Your Family History Quest Should Start with the Library!

In an ever-changing world, there’s a special feeling of security that comes from identifying one’s place in history. Many people, in search of a factual self-concept have caught themselves asking the question: “Who were those that came before me?” Certainly, most would agree that it can be challenging, but worthwhile, to discover who your grandparents, great grandparents, and relatives even further back, were. This is especially true if you have an inkling that they were smart and popular people in their time.

Library Visits Have Gone Way Up Over the Last Two Decades. Here’s Why…

Fact: Between 1990 and 2014, visits to public libraries grew by a whopping 181%. For context, the population of the United States increased by 28% during that period. Why have so many more people been using their libraries in the last two decades? Here’s what I think…

How To Get Year-Old Son to Read Something: 13 Tips for Frustrated Parents

Is getting your 10 year-old son to read an exercise in futility? Is he a good reader but he refuses to read unless forced into it? You’re not alone.

Libraries: Championing Human Heritage and Memory Since Ancient Times

Ruins of the Library of Celsus at Ephesus under a dusk sky. One of the biggest libraries of the ancient world, it was built to hold up to 12,000 scrolls. Image: (cc) Austrian Archaeological Institute

Need Market Research? Ask a Librarian!

I’m just going to say it straight out: Small business owners that are not using the library for market research are either throwing money away, leaving money on the table, or both.

5 Important Ways Libraries Are Getting Kids Excited About Science!

When word got out that libraries across the country were giving away eclipse glasses in advance of the August 21 solar eclipse, our phone started ringing off the hook. Teachers and parents, in particular, were eager to jump on the chance to engage kids in some real-world science and perhaps even inspire a life-long interest in astronomy. The fact that the eclipse promised to be a unique and memorable experience also made it all the more appealing to grab a pair of solar viewers and join the fun.

Summer Has Your Kids Bored? Try the Library

Summer vacation is still going strong for families around the country! Naturally, this means that kids have a lot of time to fill, translating to parents struggling to come up with activities that don’t involve hours spent staring into television or iPads. Well, help has arrived! Consider checking out your local library for stimulating summer activities!

One Idea That Helps Libraries Alleviate Our Social Fears: The Freedom to Read

In a country that seems more divided than united, libraries know how to serve the information and learning needs of the public. When they are properly funded, libraries provide people with the resources to become more knowledgeable, and less ignorant.

A Business Traveler’s Guide to Working at the Library

If you’re a business traveler you understand that working out of hotels, the car, and coffee shops can be challenging. Between sending emails from a poorly-lit hotel room with sluggish wifi, balancing your laptop between your knees and the steering wheel, and making business calls over the roar of milk steamers, working on the road can be less-than-ideal. But there’s an alternative. Public libraries offer a well-lit, quiet workspace with free access to wifi, meeting rooms, reference librarians and more. And public libraries can be found all over the place, so locating your temporary workspace is as easy as finding the nearest library branch. Here’s a business traveler’s guide to working at the library.

Libraries for Life: A Story of How They Serve People at Every Age (Part 2)

This is part 2 of Christine’s story. Click here if you would like to go back to part 1.