Library Buildings Reflect Their Mission

Libraries are not just boxes full of books. .

We Depend on Libraries During a Recession

The many benefits public libraries offer in dragging economies.

Is the Library Your Key to Longevity?

Your library can help you live a longer, healthier life. 

The Majority of Parents Do Not Want to Restrict Student Access to Libraries

Despite the breathless claims from a handful of extreme activists that parents want to restrict student library access, in Florida, the numbers tell a WILDLY different story. As students go back to school, a host of new laws in Florida will change the access they have to books in their classrooms and libraries.

Libraries Help Communities Respond to Disasters

Librarians become informal first responders in a crisis. 

Emerging Jobs in Libraries

Five library jobs that represent how American libraries are changing. 

A Library Card Teaches Children Personal Responsibility

A library card is a fantastic way to teach your child about personal responsibility.

Try Homeschooling at the Library

A daily homeschool schedule for library lovers.

Historically Black College and University Archives: Protecting American History

HBCU archives preserve essential artifacts for future scholars. 

A Library Card Owner’s Manual

A library card is a powerful addition to your wallet.