Vital Ways Libraries Help Teens Become Themselves (beyond books)

When it comes to ages, there is no group more maligned than teens. After all, they tend to be self-absorbed, emotionally erratic, and they speak a language older folks don’t understand! Still, I like them. Teens are in a constant process of self-discovery, they are often keen to try new things, and despite an angsty front, they’re actually softies on the inside. Though I’ve never worked specifically as a teen services librarian, I have had the opportunity to observe the personal growth of many teens as they’ve come through the library. For many of these young people, the library played an important part in their development beyond providing reading material.

Game On at the Library: From D&D to Yu-Gi-Oh!, the Library is Your Place for Gaming

This just in: games are hot. With an explosion of new board games for both kids and adults, a renewed interest in Dungeons & Dragons and other roleplaying games thanks to 80’s nostalgia through such hit cult T.V. shows as Stranger Things and the establishment of videogame e-sports as a multi-billion dollar industry, America is in the middle of a gaming renaissance, and your local public library is the perfect place to join in the fun. Today we’ll talk about how you can find gaming programming at your library for ages six and up.

Day in the Life: Reference Librarian at a Public Library

There are many different types of librarians. For years I served as an adult services, or reference, librarian, (and very briefly, a youth services librarian) at a several libraries. Because a common question asked of librarians is “What do you actually do at your job?” I wanted to give you a typical day in the life of a reference librarian at a busy public library. Off we go!

FAQs for Library Lovers: Snappy Answers for Grumpy Uncles and Other Haters

People misunderstand libraries. The majority of them don’t do it deliberately, they simply haven’t thought much about the institution. A quick conversation is usually enough to bring them around.

The Right Conclusion

“The public library isn’t anyone’s personal bookshelf. Everyone has a right to read, view, or listen to what they choose. And librarians are there to help them find it.” — Kevin Moore, 2017 EveryLibrary Artist-in-Residence

Libraries Are Not Free, and They‘re Worth Every Dollar!

Libraries are worth every quarter, too!

Alabama Libraries’ Best Parenting Resource: “Homework Alabama”

Libraries across Alabama have the homework solution that every parent needs: Free, live ‘Homework Alabama’ tutoring.

Need a Clean, Well-Lighted Place with Free Wifi? Try the Library

If your idea of a public library includes dusty shelves and people getting shushed, you might be overdue for a visit to your local branch.

You Will Truly Understand Libraries and Librarians By Reading These Books

Books and libraries, libraries and books, two words that are inseparable in the public imagination. But how many people truly understand libraries and librarians beyond their association with books? Because I suspect that the answer is “not many”, I want to — ironic twist forthcoming — recommend some books to help you gain an understanding of my challenging, unusual, and ultimately fulfilling profession. If, however, you want to preserve the myth that librarians read all day, that’s fine. Stop here, do not pass go, do not collect $200. For those who want insight on librarianship, read these books!

Useful Hacks for Making the Library Your “Home” Office

We all know that libraries are typically quiet and peaceful places, home to millions of books for readers of all ages. But over the past two decades, these sanctuaries have been used for much more than just perusing through volumes of publications. With the rapid increase of the gig economy, many freelancers on a tight budget have discovered the library to the be their “secret” office space to focus and get work done. Whether you’re a freelancer or just looking for a place to work outside the office, here are some quick and easy insider tips on how to make the best of your new favorite workspace: