Hi My name is Cassandra O’Neill and I’m an author, avid reader, and I love libraries.

Hi My name is Cassandra O’Neill and I’m an author, avid reader, and I love libraries. I have my first book coming out in October that I co-authored with Monica Brinkerhoff. The book is called Five Elements of Collective Leadership. We are passionate about collective leadership and on a mission to bring it to the world.

Exhausted by Political Turmoil? Turn to Unifying Power of Our Libraries!

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or somewhere in between, we can all agree that political discussion in the United States is not where we want it. Discord appears to reign supreme, regardless of the topic, with pundits, fake news, and loud-mouthed politicians spoiling it for everyone. There is, however, a topic that I believe we can all agree on: The greatness of our nation’s public libraries!

How to Work out of a Library (No Matter What Size Town You’re In)

Whether your local library is in the heart of a big city or nestled in a small town, it is likely a great place to get some work done. Libraries are open to all, they come equipped with wifi and business amenities that freelancers, independent professionals and entrepreneurs need, and they provide a quiet place to focus. Here’s an overview of working out of your local library, no matter what size town you’re in:

How Young Adult Fiction Helps Teens Better Understand Their Mental Health

I was a teen who sometimes felt too panicked to function. Parties felt like minefields, my future seemed fragile, and the ways I could fail on a daily basis numbered near infinite.

A Librarian’s Guide to Choosing the Right Book for You!

There’s no question that reading is important — it educates, inspires, entertains, and so much more. But with thousands of books published every week, how does a reader (especially one that is just getting into reading) decide which one to pick up? This question often occurs for me both because of my work as a librarian and because I am a reader myself! So how does one choose what to read?

Homeschool resources that extend the curriculum and build community

“You blew $150k on an education you could have gotten in $1.50 in late fees from the library.” This quote, from the 1997 movie Good Will Hunting, has become a favorite among homeschooling circles. And it’s absolutely true: not only are public libraries the perfect free resource for books, periodicals, movies, music and other library materials, but many libraries have specific collections to assist homeschooling families, including how-to manuals, textbooks and educational kits.

A Day in the Life of a Small Business Specialist

When you think of librarians, you might imagine the friendly and hard-working staff who provide readers’ advisory, host programs, and answer reference questions at your local library. These staff members are tasked with the important work of providing for their particular community and they do it well.

Vital Ways Libraries Help Teens Become Themselves (beyond books)

When it comes to ages, there is no group more maligned than teens. After all, they tend to be self-absorbed, emotionally erratic, and they speak a language older folks don’t understand! Still, I like them. Teens are in a constant process of self-discovery, they are often keen to try new things, and despite an angsty front, they’re actually softies on the inside. Though I’ve never worked specifically as a teen services librarian, I have had the opportunity to observe the personal growth of many teens as they’ve come through the library. For many of these young people, the library played an important part in their development beyond providing reading material.

Game On at the Library: From D&D to Yu-Gi-Oh!, the Library is Your Place for Gaming

This just in: games are hot. With an explosion of new board games for both kids and adults, a renewed interest in Dungeons & Dragons and other roleplaying games thanks to 80’s nostalgia through such hit cult T.V. shows as Stranger Things and the establishment of videogame e-sports as a multi-billion dollar industry, America is in the middle of a gaming renaissance, and your local public library is the perfect place to join in the fun. Today we’ll talk about how you can find gaming programming at your library for ages six and up.

Day in the Life: Reference Librarian at a Public Library

There are many different types of librarians. For years I served as an adult services, or reference, librarian, (and very briefly, a youth services librarian) at a several libraries. Because a common question asked of librarians is “What do you actually do at your job?” I wanted to give you a typical day in the life of a reference librarian at a busy public library. Off we go!