Libraries and the Value of Experiential Learning

How do libraries give people the power to learn through action?

Half of Community Colleges in North Carolina were tracking book check-outs.

On January 1st, half of all community colleges across the state of North Carolina had their patron checkout history tracking turned on, compulsorily, for every patron; Both child and adult. No one was allowed to discuss the situation beforehand. Bureaucrats just did it. And then required each school to perform unnecessary steps to undo it. Several schools went through those steps immediately because this kind of record keeping is entirely antithetical to library practice. But not all of them have.

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Long Story Short: EveryLibrary and Book Riot's Parent Poll

Here's the scoop on how parents really feel about book bans in their local libraries.

Social-Emotional Learning in the Library

Libraries make an ideal environment for cultivating valuable SEL skills in young people.

Things to Think about during Civic Learning Week

Exploring the importance of engaged citizenship is the primary goal of Civic Learning Week. 

What Is Civic Learning Week and Why Does it Matter?

Only 22 percent of eighth graders scored at or above NAEP Proficient on a civics assessment, and that needs to change.

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