Prom Is Coming Up! Check Out How This Public Library Makes Kids’ Prom Dreams Come True

Prom is more affordable when you can borrow dresses, suits, and accessories from your local library.

Special library projects make it affordable for all students to get gussied up for the prom.

With prom season coming up, many kids are more focused on the event than their studies, and rightfully so—prom is one of the biggest events a high school student can attend, and it’s expensive too. But what if a student can’t afford a prom dress?

For some students, the inability to access suitable prom wear plays a large role in deciding whether or not they’ll attend. In lower-income communities, this puts students at a social disadvantage; everyone should be able to attend prom. At least, that’s what this Dallas public library believes and encourages with its latest project, Fairy Tale Closet.

What Is Fairy Tale Closet?

Fairy Tale Closet is a yearly clothing drive and fashion event where students can “check out” prom wear just as they would with library books. Hosted each year by the Dallas Public Library, the Fairy Tale Closet project provides over 250 Dallas students with outfits for prom.

How It Works

The Fairy Tale Closet officially opens at the Dallas Public Library for a few days each year during prom season. This year, the closet will be open in both March and April. Through monetary and clothing donations, the library supplies a variety of formal wear, including dresses, shoes, suits, and ties, to students for free. Students can “check out” an outfit like they would a book and wear the items to school dance events. The library is currently accepting donations to further expand their wardrobe and accommodate a wider variety of clothing sizes.

Your donations help support libraries across the country.

Ways to Expand the Wardrobe

If you’re in the Dallas area and want to contribute to the Fairy Tale Closet’s wardrobe, there are a couple of things you can do to donate specifically to this project:

Donating Funds

As always, public libraries are constantly accepting monetary donations. The Dallas Public Library is no different; donators can directly donate money to the library for Fairy Tale Closet’s use. However, monetary donations don’t always go toward a specific library program.

Donating Clothes

If you don’t have the cash or really want to donate to the Fairy Tale Closet specifically, the best way to do so is by donating new or gently used clothing items to the Dallas Public Library. Libraries are excellent community resources, and many accept donations for more than just books. When donating clothing items, please make sure they are clean and in good condition.

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