Signing Your Kids Up for a Library Card Is a Great Way to Teach Responsibility

Your child is never too young for their first library card!

Library Card Sign-Up Month is the perfect time to get your child their own library account.

Though parents of book-loving children may prefer to use one library card for the entire family, there are benefits to getting a card for each of your family members, and with September being Library Card Sign-Up Month, there’s no better time to do so! Though it may seem like a minor difference at first, getting your kids library cards can teach them an incredible amount about how the world works, how to be a good citizen, and how to be responsible for themselves and their belongings. Let’s take a look at some of the greatest benefits.


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Teaches the Importance of Timeliness

As you know, checking out a library book also means agreeing to return or renew it by a certain date. If you fail to do so, you may have to pay a fine or be restricted from checking out any other books. By allowing your child to check out books with a library card of their own, you can also teach them to keep track of when their books are due and the importance of abiding by these due dates.

Teaches Them to Keep Track of Important Items

As adults, we have to keep track of any number of important items, from our driver’s licenses to our credit cards. While your kids don’t have any need to keep track of these items (or the ability to get them in the first place), having their own library card can start teaching them early, allowing them to enter adulthood with an established system for keeping track of their important items and documents.


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Helps Them Take an Active Role in the Community

Libraries serve to bring people together, uniting the community as a whole, and by signing your kids up for library cards, you allow them to become a member of this community as well. Whether they just pop in every so often to check out new books or show up for each and every event, fundraiser, and storytime, they’ll be welcomed into the community with open arms. 

It takes a village to raise a child, and your local library is ready and willing to be a part of that process, giving your little ones countless opportunities to learn, grow, and expand their minds. If you want to learn more about the work libraries do for the community, feel free to visit our blog at EveryLibrary today!



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