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Thank you for your interest in an EveryLibrary event. We appreciate your support. Please feel free to purchase your tickets here.

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After you buy your tickets here, you won't receive an actual ticket. But don't worry, you'll be on the list of attendees when you arrive. That means that you can rest easy because you don't need to bring anything to the event.

We put all of the money that we raise through these events to work for libraries across the country. That means that your ticket purchases help fund the fight for libraries and make the world a better place. In fact, for every dollar we've spent on campaigns and elections for libraries, we've helped libraries raise over $1,600 in funding! That means that for every $100 we raise, we are able to ensure over $160,000 in stable funding for libraries. You are really making a huge difference by attending this event and helping us raise the money we need to win for libraries. Thank you so much!

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