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Our training guides give you the information you need to win your campaign for libraries

Free "The Fundraising Co-Pilot" E-Book

Fundraising and development specialist (and longtime EveryLibrary supporter) Marc Huber makes his new fundraising e-Book The Fundraising Co-Pilot available for library communities everywhere free of charge. While EveryLibrary works on ballot campaigns and funding negotiations for tax money, Marc provides key insights and actionable tips for building any library's base of donor support. From goal setting to assessment to planning and executing your donor campaign, we hope that you can put the advice in The Fundraising Co-Pilot to work for your library. 

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Video: The Librarian as Candidate (NCompass Live)

Are you looking for new ways to engage and activate advocates for your library? Join John Chrastka, Executive Director of EveryLibrary, to explore a range of innovative options to energize, focus, and improve your library advocacy efforts while learning how to put proven techniques that political campaigns use to reach voters to work. Come and learn how librarians who see themselves in a new, more politically savvy way recognize that they are "the candidate". You’ll learn about tips and tools to market yourself to all your constituents - and not just users - that will help reframe your work in the eyes of the public and funders in a new way.

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Video: Making it Happen

In the closing Keynote for Arizona Library Association Conference, PC Sweeney spoke about how to take advantage of the connections learned in the Schmoozing for Beginners session and use them make it happen in order to accomplish even more for your communities.

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Video: Schmoozing for Beginners (or Party Hard)

Patrick "PC" Sweeney will discuss how to get most out of professional networking in social situations with colleagues at professional events like conferences and social opportunities in your community. He will emphasize how celebrating our profession with our colleagues in an environment of positivity such as a party or an event can have a profound effect on your professional career and the opportunities that you can bring back to your organizations. Patrick will give practical advice on learning to be comfortable schmoozing and networking as well as how these skills can impact your effectiveness within your organization."

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Video: The Librarian As the Candidate

John Chrastka and Patrick "PC" Sweeney discuss the role of the librarian in winning library ballot campaigns for funding as part of the SJSU School of Information 2014 Colloquia Series.

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Video: Using Tips from the Best Political Campaigns To Activate Support for Libraries

EveryLibrary Executive Director John Chrastka presented a webinar entitled "Every Budget is a Referendum About Your Library" for members of the Nicolete Federated Library System on February 19th, 2014. 

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Writing for Email

Implementing an effective email strategy for your library campaign has the potential to dramatically improve the likelihood of a successful election.  However, creating a plan for the way that your campaign uses email is often overlooked, leaving campaigns with an ineffective strategy and lowered success rate. 

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Responding to Opposition

So how do we stay on message in the face of our critics? You should realize that, no matter how great your campaign message, your library campaign is going to have its critics.  It doesn’t matter how much the library is loved, the anti-library groups will almost always have some voice in your community.

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Early Work and Political Landscape Memo

 The most important thing you can say in a campaign is “I don’t know.”

 Before you even begin your library campaign, there is a large swath of work that needs to be completed.  You must ensure that this work is done thoroughly and in great detail in order to ensure that rest of your campaign will be the strongest and best it can be.

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Developing the Message

Before you begin developing your message you want to decide the answer to the questions; Why you? Why now?  This is because every email, every flyer, and every conversation about the campaign, needs to return to the theme of the campaign.  This theme shouldn’t feel scripted or sound like an empty promise.  It must have some kind of meaning that resonates with the voter.

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