Alabama Libraries are Under Attack!

We can't support Alabama libraries without you!

Alabama Libraries are under attack across the state.

We need you to take action today or many of us will be denied access to libraries in our state.

Please, take a moment and send an email on each of these campaigns then share them on your social media to help us reach more people like you.

We can't support our Alabama libraries without you!


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SEND AN EMAIL: Don't Arrest Librarians in Alabama
This bill will have a chilling effect on free speech and incarcerate librarians for having books that explain sex or that show different experiences for all ages. We need YOU to stop it.

SEND AN EMAIL: Save the Prattville Library - Protect the Staff
The Autauga-Prattville Alabama Library board has fired the library director for refusing to deny the public access to 113 books.

SEND AN EMAIL: Amend HB89 in Alabama- A Poorly Written Grab for Power Over Libraries
There are serious problems with HB 89: denial of residents voting rights, imprecise terminology and major contradictions between Section 9 and the rest of Act 88-258.

SEND AN EMAIL: Protect Your Right to Speak in Alabama - Defend Libraries
Read Freely Alabama needs your help telling the state Senate to remove language from the state budget for libraries that would limit your right to read and use the library freely.

SEND A MESSAGE: Amend the Rules to Keep Alabama Reading Freely!
The Alabama Library Association is asking library stakeholders and citizens to make public comments to the Board of the Alabama Public Library Services. The proposed new code for libraries comes from Governor Ivey and would radically change the way that public libraries can serve the public.