From Book Bans to Bomb Threats

Why do radical groups say they want certain books banned? What is their argument whenever it comes to stripping books off shelves and taking them away from students and kids?

Bringing Families Together during Challenging Times through Storytime at a Chicago Jail

The vision of one late librarian blossomed into an inviting early literacy space for children visiting their incarcerated parents.

Library Storytime: An Intro for New Parents

Don’t worry if your little one can’t sit still; library story hours are great for all kids!

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Is Changing the Lives of Young Readers around the World

Dolly Parton brings the love of reading and free books right to children’s doorsteps.

What You’re Missing If You’re Not Using Your Local Library

You may be surprised by what your public library has to offer—all for free!

Alabama Libraries are Under Attack!

Alabama Libraries are under attack across the state. We need you to take action today or many of us will be denied access to libraries in our state. Please, take a moment and send an email on each of these campaigns then share them on your social media to help us reach more people like you. We can't support our Alabama libraries without you!  

An Open Letter from a Life-Long Republican to the Louisiana State Legislature

We asked to share an “open letter” from Raymond Boudreau, a devoted library supporter and Jefferson Parish, Louisiana resident, to the state legislators.

Grassroots Groups and Libraries Join Forces

Literacy is a social equity issue.

Libraries as Crucibles for Democracy

Libraries fill a vital role through preservation, education, and maintaining safe spaces.

The Lasting Power of Audiobooks

At ninety-two years young, audiobook production remains firmly rooted in literacy access and inclusivity.