"I'm Not A Book Banner"

People who want to ban books still don't seem to understand what book bans are.

Nonbinary Teen Faces Violent Hecklers at School Board Meeting

This a perfect example of why we need more resources for trans teenagers in school libraries. 

School Board Meetings That Will Shock You

School board meetings have become more jaw-dropping as clashes over book bans have skyrocketed. Here are a few examples of the shocking scenes that have come to our attention recently.   

Rural Library Roundup: Small Size, Big Impact

From grain bins to lighthouses, rural libraries tend to serve many functions in addition to their traditional purposes: community centers, local history museums, or internet cafes.

5 Reasons Libraries Are NOT A Luxury

In good times and bad, your library provides free materials and programming for every citizen in your community.

8 Educational Book Recommendations for Black History Month

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Instead of Banning That Book, Just Have a Conversation with Your Child's School Librarian

Trust us; it's way easier. 

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Missoula Public Library hosts adaptive cooking demonstrations.

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Maine expands library telehealth program.