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Book Ban Book Banned in Florida

Would you believe a school library system would go so far as to ban a book about book banning just because it mentions banned books?  

Brain Health and Memory Care at the Library

Your public library can be one of your greatest allies for preserving cognitive function.

The Library Can Help Your Teen with Their Summer Job Search

With internet access, job fairs, and courses on résumé-building and interview skills, young people can learn how to land their first job.

A Listening Love Story

A writer, librarian, and voice actor share what audiobooks mean to them.

Puzzles at the Library Support Cognitive Health

Find fun ways to keep your brain functioning at its best.

The ALA’s Rainbow Round Table

The United States’ first and oldest professional LGTBQIA+ organization continues to advocate for diverse, affirming, and inclusive literature.

How the Library Can Help You Change Careers

There’s no better place to start your next job search than the library.

What Brings Gen Z to the Library?

Recent research offers insight into Gen Z‘s behaviors and needs in the library environment.

Immigration Process Resources at the Library

You’ll find plenty of support for your journey to becoming a US citizen at your local library.

Why You Should Put Down the Device and Pick Up the Library Card

Cutting down on screen time allows for more time to enjoy meaningful experiences with others.

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