The Niche Libraries You May Not Know About

From wine to Disney to the Roman Empire, you can find a special library on nearly any subject!

Whatever the subject, chances are there’s a library for that!

Did you know there's a wine library in Napa? A textile librarian in Patagonia? A media librarian at Disney? People are always so surprised at how many corporations and organizations have a dataset to maintain, organize, and access, and that this is exactly what a librarian does! 

Recording, storing, and archiving information is important in just about any field you can imagine, so librarians are often hired in unexpected places to curate collections. What exactly do the librarians do in these unique libraries, though? Let’s take a look.


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Unique Work in Unique Libraries

So, why do all of these unusual libraries exist to begin with? Like all libraries, they’re designed to meet a need. Whereas the need for most libraries is easy access to general information, entertainment, and a quiet space to relax, these unique libraries are far more specialized. Take the Napa Wine Library, for example. Walking into your local library, you wouldn’t expect to see entire aisles dedicated to information on wine. That information does exist, though, and it has to go somewhere! 

Specialized libraries like the Napa Wine Library are the perfect place for this information. While most people don’t need that much information on wine, culinary professionals and foodies worldwide certainly do. While your standard library has to curate a collection covering a wide range of topics, librarians of unique libraries like this one can focus entirely on one topic. This ensures that even the most specific pieces of information are accessible to the public.


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The Importance of Unique Librarians

Why is it important that such niche information is available, though? Simply put, it’s for the sake of preserving information on even the most specific subjects. Though we take most information for granted, even the most commonplace facts can be surprisingly temporary if they aren’t archived. 

For example, do you remember back in early 2023 when researchers finally discovered how builders of the Roman Empire made their concrete? Concrete was a staple of Roman architecture, but the knowledge of how to make it was poorly documented, so it was lost shortly after the empire’s fall.

These niche, specialized libraries serve to prevent a scenario like this from occurring again. By curating such a comprehensive collection of materials on specific subjects, these unique librarians ensure that the more niche elements of a topic are available not just now but for generations to come.

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