Library Brings Tween Music Group Overnight Fame

The library provides the community with endless opportunities and possibilities. For a group of young musicians and their band, The Linda Lindas, this meant becoming punk rock sensations and signing a new record deal.

The Impact of a Donation to EveryLibrary

Every dollar donated to EveryLibrary returns over $1,600 in funding to libraries. Find out how!

Book Burning In America

In case you missed it, extremists have taken over the school board in Spotsylvania, VA and have openly called for the burning of library books they disagree with. 

6 Ways to Develop Your Hobby Using the Library

The benefits of practicing a hobby are as bountiful as the choices of hobbies to pursue. It’s a chance to get out of your head with a stress-relieving break and get lost in something that truly lights you up. Hobbies can give you an outlet for your creativity, add some variety to your days, and open you up to social connections. You can even make money doing something you love. For ideas and guidance in developing your hobby, look to your library. You’ll find an abundance of free resources to inspire you and keep your hobby growing.

American Dystopia: Arresting Librarians For the Books on the Shelves.

Proposed censorship measures in several US states could lead to librarians facing criminal charges as a result of their commitment to free speech and access to library materials. Librarians in Texas, Indiana, and Wyoming are facing measures that mean that they may soon find themselves under attack for stocking books against racism and about the lives and experiences of LGBT Americans. This politicization of books and literature is being carried out by well-funded political organizations and individuals running scam PACs who are simply attempting to bilk Americans out of their hard earned dollars by attacking librarians. Share this article on Facebook and Twitter

Libraries Join the Fight Against Hunger

When you reach for a piece of fruit to snack on, you may not give it much thought. Most of us are used to being able to pop into our local grocery store to pick up just about any fruit or vegetable we can think of. However, some people do not have the luxury of purchasing fresh produce — and they live right here in the United States.

Finding Your Hobby at the Library

Libraries are becoming the ideal place for hobbyists and those in search of new hobbies. With all the tools and resources available for people to discover something new as well as meet up with others who share the same interests. Your library is a place for everyone no matter how young or old they are. Heading to your local public library for your interests is a great way to pass the time doing your favorite activities while in a relaxing and fun environment. Libraries are a great place to find new hobbies.

Diagnosed with an Illness? Your Library Can Help!

So you’ve just left your doctor’s appointment with a diagnosis of an illness. Perhaps, you were given a prescription for medication to manage your symptoms. Maybe your doctor even provided some recommendations for living with your condition, such as modifying your diet or exercise. Following your physician’s orders can be as simple as popping a daily pill or adding more greens to your diet. But often, there is more to illness than meets the eye, and many questions may arise over the next few days or weeks after your diagnosis. It’s easy to get lost in Google searches for answers, leading to more confusion than clarification. Where can you turn when you have been diagnosed with an illness? Your local library, of course! While your public librarians are not medical doctors or social workers (although some may be!), they are trained to connect you with high-quality information and support.

Libraries Help Connect Families with STEM and STEAM Programs

STEM and STEAM which are acronyms for “science, technology, engineering, and mathematics” and “science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics”, respectively, are widespread programs in libraries all over the place. Libraries and other educational institutions understand the important impact that STEM and STEAM education makes on students and families. Implementing these types of activities into the calendar creates opportunities for young learners to explore and experiment with new concepts. Libraries all over have come up with new learning experiences for students of all ages.

A People are Free When They Can Read Freely

There is a recurring argument surrounding reading that gets brought up every few news cycles. It is the debate over whether or not people should be allowed to read whatever they want to. Libraries have always defended and supported access to information whether through physical materials, audiobooks, movies, or other forms of media. Reading is not only a personal journey, it is also one of the most effective ways to explore the world and discover new ideas.