Libraries Serve Homeless and Low-Income Users

Do you know that more than half a million Americans go homeless on any given night and that this represents 0.2% of the U.S. population? Or that, of these people, 65% are in shelters while 35% remain on the streets? If you want to know more about this “hidden” crisis in the U.S., ask someone who works at a public library.

Libraries: the Ultimate Entrepreneurship Accelerator

An entrepreneur walks into their co-working space. They nod to the person behind the main desk, pull up to an open spot, and start their workday. Their office offers a quiet space to work, classes for entrepreneurs, free or discounted printing and faxing and scanning, free wifi, and experts on hand to help answer questions on where to find local resources for their business. Sound like a dream workspace? It’s the norm for a lot of entrepreneurs all across the country who work out of their local public libraries. Libraries? Yes, Libraries.

Post-Pandemic Health and Well-being Projects in Libraries

After a year like no other, health is a topic on just about everyone’s mind. We may have the vaccines, and gradually be returning to some kind of what we used to call normal, but health remains a major topic of conversation. And not just physical health either, but general wellbeing. It’s a major theme with many libraries in the UK.

Stephen Colbert Talks About Libraries' Role in Fighting Covid

  In Stephen Colbert’s recent opening monologue, he did a great bit about librarians entering the ranks of first responders since they’re now distributing COVID test kits. He joked the additional task is taking staff away from their “traditional” responsibilities of story time, helping with homework, and kicking porn watchers off the computers. Of course, that got huge laughs. The reality for library staff now, isn’t as funny.

Turn Your Hobby into a Profession

What do you do for work? What do you do for fun? How good would it feel if your answer was the same for both?

This Book Changed My Life

As traverse the internet, our team keeps stumbling over great stories from people about books that influenced their perceptions or even changed their overall viewpoint. We all have that book that we encountered in our lives that spoke to us in ways that changed the way we think. This may have been a story you read as a child that inspired and propelled you to a future career, or something you came across during a transitional period in your life. Whatever it was, it impacted you in a way that you’ve held on to and look back on.

The Showgirl Collection and Other Archives that Will Surprise You

When someone says the word library, what pops into your head? Books and computers, sure, but libraries have expanded. Maybe you included movies and music, sewing machine and 3D printers, toys and garden supplies. Odds are good that your local library includes most or all of these, but what about puppets, medical supplies or antique valentines? All of these, along with other sorts of special collections exist in large public libraries, on college campuses and corporate headquarters. These unique additions showcase librarianships ability to expand the definition of literacy to include cultural artifacts and other items of historical importance. Below are five collections that showcase how expansive the idea of a collection can be.

Bibliotherapy Explained

Books have many positive impacts on the minds of their readers. Teaching new skills, transporting them to different worlds, even providing therapists with a useful tool to use with patients. Bibliotherapy, also known as book therapy or therapeutic storytelling, uses literature as an approach to mental health treatment. It is a creative practice being used by mental health practitioners to address emotional-behavioral problems and reach therapeutic goals. Any type of genre can be used in bibliotherapy from self-help to philosophy, but the most common is fiction. These are innovative techniques for addressing issues with self-esteem, making sense of feelings and experiences, and creating self-awareness.

Libraries Are on the Front Lines of COVID Recovery

Libraries have been working since April 2020 to aid in the pandemic effort. From transforming their parking lots into mobile hotspots to offering health and wellness information to hosting vaccination clinics. Public health has always been an aspect of library outreach. The pandemic has made these efforts even more important. Connecting communities to important health resources is a crucial role that libraries have stepped up to fill.

Librarians Love Their Jobs, Here's Why

We all know that there are a million and one reasons why the library is one of the best places to be. Here’s an insider secret: that librarians and library staff feel the same way. There are few roles as unique as that of a library worker. While there are tasks that need to be regularly completed, librarians can expect that every day will look a little bit different. It is no wonder that people join the field and stay in the field for a variety of reasons. We tap into the wide network of library professionals in the Library Think Tank, a Facebook group for librarians and library people, for insight into the best part about working in a library.