Celebrate National School Librarian Day!

Here are five ways to show appreciation for school librarians on National School Librarian Day.

School librarians are essential for student success.

Did you know that there’s a designated holiday for school librarians? April 4th is National School Librarian Day, allowing people to formally appreciate professionals that help us become lifelong learners. Behind every reader is an influential school librarian. So, here’s what you need to know about this important day and how you can get involved!

National School Librarian Day

The United States recognizes National School Librarian Day on April 4th each year. As the name suggests, this event allows people to appreciate school librarians and what they do for students nationwide. Stereotypes of school librarians tend to make people believe they are strict and unapproachable, but these are entirely false.

School librarians play a huge role in children’s academic success. If you grew up to become an avid reader, your school librarian likely helped you sustain that passion. School librarians also ensure children’s educational needs are met by providing digital resources, office supplies, or tutoring services. National School Librarian Day allows people to celebrate and acknowledge their hard work.

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What Is the Role of a School Librarian?

Although they share professional duties, school librarians differ from traditional librarians overseeing public libraries. They’re usually more involved with other educational professionals, like teachers, to provide comprehensive reading guides to children. Generally speaking, school librarians may have more degree requirements since they’re working closely with children.

School libraries are often privately maintained so they can solely focus on students within that facility. While it may vary based on their system of employment, school librarians are generally responsible for the following tasks:

  • Maintaining and organizing a school library’s materials and collections
  • Providing access to library and media resources for students and staff
  • Assisting students and staff with everyday requests
  • Collaborating with teachers to assemble library materials for lesson plans
  • Planning outreach programs for students
  • Regular meetings with the principal and other administrative professionals
  • Upgrading and maintaining library technology
  • Managing library budgets and projects
  • Following district policies for selected library materials and disposal

School Librarians Support Students

Although they do a lot of work behind the scenes, school librarians also work directly with students, thus enabling their success. For example, many school librarians offer free tutoring services if a student needs extra support in a particular subject. School librarians may also be essential for students living through financial insecurity if they need to use the library’s computers, office supplies, or wifi.

Above all things, school librarians encourage children to read or become lifelong learners. Plus, supporting school librarians supports your child’s entire education since they often collaborate with their teachers. Even if your child doesn’t become a bibliophile, essential life skills automatically come with reading literacy, adding to their importance.

Why Is It Important to Thank School Librarians?

School librarians do incredible things for children without asking for anything in return. Many are passionate about enhancing children’s love for reading and want to help them succeed academically. Unfortunately, their effort frequently goes unnoticed since much of their work occurs behind the scenes.

Thankfully, National School Librarian Day aims to change that. If you still need to do so, set an example for your child by encouraging them to thank their school librarian. Please have your child do something special for their librarian while providing your individual thank you. Celebrate National School Librarian Day in a way that highlights their work and appreciates everything they do for students.

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5 Ways to Celebrate School Librarian Day

Here are five ways to show appreciation for school librarians:

  1. Ask for book recommendations. Many librarians love being asked for book recommendations, especially by children. Not only will this instill a sense of independence in your child, but their librarian will always give them a perfect choice for their age and reading level. Encourage your child to speak to their school librarian often. You can also collaborate with their school librarian if you need assistance selecting their home reading materials.
  2. Respect your school library facilities. Just because your school librarian is in charge of the facility doesn’t mean they should constantly clean up after students. Instead, teach your child how to respect library facilities when visiting public locations and encourage them to apply the same courtesy to their school library. While you should leave the shelving and organization process to librarians, you can also do your part by picking up materials left behind and maintaining your workspace.
  3. Write them a thank-you note. One of the kindest and simplest forms of gratitude is an assertive thank-you. Feel free to get creative by helping your child craft a homemade card. You can devise other clever alternatives by helping them write a poem, create a playlist, or assemble a gift package. Older students may want to find out how they can get involved in other ways, such as volunteering. No matter how you say “thank you,” make sure you and your child take the initiative to appreciate your school librarian!
  4. Advocate for school librarians. There has been a rise in attempted book challenges and bannings nationwide. This will inevitably affect school librarians and their material selections. A great way to appreciate school librarians is to advocate on their behalf so they can focus on making their facility an excellent learning center!
  5. Donate books. A library can never have too many books! During National School Librarian Day, take inventory of children’s books you no longer use. Assemble these reading materials for donation and gift them to your school librarian!

Although there’s a designated celebration for school librarians, you should always appreciate these influential professionals and the services they provide to students! Visit everylibrary.org to learn more about how you can advocate for school librarians and get involved with your child’s reading literacy.

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