Charge Your Car at the Library

Did you know that many libraries offer charging stations for electric cars?

Free entertainment while charging your vehicle is available in many communities.


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Did you know that libraries offer charging stations for electric cars? This initiative has increased sustainability efforts for libraries across the country. Libraries provide free entertainment to people waiting for their vehicles to charge.

Car Charging Stations at Libraries

The Durham Public Library in Connecticut activated its electric car charging station in 2019. This station can accommodate two cars, and users can start the charger using their “ChargePoint” card. Maryland’s Miller Branch Library Complex also activated its first electric car station in 2020. This station has five spots for electric vehicles, with one designated for fast charging cars and one set as a level 2 charger.

Utilizing Library Resources

If you’re an electric car owner, there are plenty of ways to use your local library if they provide a charging station. If you enjoy reading, there’s no better place to borrow a book for free! If reading isn’t your thing, you can utilize the library’s community computers to complete work duties or use a streaming service like Hoopla. You may enjoy connecting with other community members or embracing quiet time in a secluded library area. At libraries, you’ll always be entertained for free while waiting for your car to charge!

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