How to Support Your Libraries and Librarians during Pride Month

How do you support your library during Pride Month?

Small actions can go a long way toward keeping LGBTQ+ materials on shelves.

With Pride Month well underway, you may be looking for ways to offer your support. As centers for community growth and a safe haven for people of all kinds, libraries are an excellent place to start. Libraries often find themselves as the targets of book bans and censorship, and Pride Month is, unfortunately, a very politically charged time for these book bans to occur. So, how can you support and protect your local libraries and librarians during Pride Month?


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Check Out Pride Books

Libraries receive government funding based on the amount of traffic they’re seeing and how many books they’re checking out. During Pride Month, they’ll typically put up a special Pride display featuring books written by and about influential LGBTQ+ figures and creators. By checking out one of these books, you get the chance to not only learn more about LGBTQ+ history, struggles, and perspectives but also to support your library by giving them the traffic they need to secure further funding. In addition, it shows support for the cause, empowering your library to raise even more awareness for the important issues they and their attendees often face.

Provide Positive Feedback

Libraries thrive under their visitors, and as such, they need to ensure their visitors are getting the best experience possible. If you’re a regular library goer, be sure to let your librarians know that they’re doing a great job. If you have any ideas for improving the library, feel free to share those in a constructive way as well! Libraries are always growing, and feedback from their loyal community members is one of their most valuable assets throughout the process.


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Let Them Know You Care

Finally, let your librarians know just how much you care about and appreciate them. Being a librarian is all too often thankless work, and in the face of book bans and censorship, it can feel hopeless and outright discouraging. As such, it’s important for library goers like you to tell your librarians just how much of an impact their work has on the community, especially during times like Pride Month when book bans are coming in more rapidly than ever.

Of course, supporting your local libraries and librarians is important year-round, not just during one month of the year. If you’d like to learn more about how you can help your libraries as both an individual and a member of the community, feel free to read through our blog at EveryLibrary today!



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