Librarians Share Why They Love Their Jobs

There's a lot to love about being a librarian!

There is much to appreciate about working in public libraries.

Libraries house important information, but someone has to be in charge of organizing and analyzing it! Thus, the profession of librarians becomes an essential part of public education. Librarians are definitely book lovers, but they’re so much more than that. Here’s what librarians had to say about their favorite parts of the job:

1. “I loved talking to the kids of all ages about what they were reading and why. It got me hooked on young adult books!”

Librarians have an impressive ability to recommend books that fit your exact preferences. They love chatting with their patrons and updating them on new books they may like. If you ever need a book recommendation, talk to your local librarian!

2. “I love shelving! It’s nice to finish a cart and be able to check off an accomplishment.”

Most people can relate to the wonderful feeling that being productive at work can provide. And for many librarians, nothing’s more exhilarating than an organized bookshelf! 

3. “Doing programming for kids and teens. I love making them happy and excited about reading and libraries.”

Libraries do so much for developing children in schools and public libraries. Between storytimes, reading programs, and book clubs, libraries are a fantastic way to encourage children to be lifelong readers! 

4. “How much we care for our community. We strive for the same level of service for everyone.”

There is much to appreciate about librarians and what they do for communities across the country. They provide free resources, teach free classes, and maintain a safe space for all people. The next time you see your local librarian, take a moment to say, “Thank you!”

5. “The best part is watching children return year after year because they have found magic in books.”

Librarians understand that reading is incredibly beneficial for developing children. Reading books improves children’s vocabulary, ability to empathize with others, and writing skills. 


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6. “Having interlibrary loan and obtaining hard-to-get documents for patrons, especially when I can connect them with digital copies that are immediately available and free.”

In case you don’t know, interlibrary loan (ILL) refers to a service provided by most libraries that allows patrons to request and borrow materials from another library. 

7. “The books. Always.”

What else needs to be said? Books are amazing, and librarians have complete access to a plethora of reading materials!

8. “Seeing a kid light up when they find that special book.”

Librarians find great joy in seeing their youngest patrons get excited over a book. It can be one of the most rewarding parts of the job.

9. “I loved helping students and doing displays/events.”

Librarians come up with creative, thoughtful, and welcoming book displays! You may have noticed displays at your public library revolving around major events like Banned Books Week or Black History Month. Your local librarians may also host events targeting a wide range of age groups, including adults.

10. “As an academic librarian, I loved helping students understand why information literacy matters and participating in the cultural aspects of our local communities.”

Information literacy classes can be very helpful for college students conducting research for their courses. Academic librarians help you know what to look for and expand your interest in lifelong learning.


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11. “Helping people find and create the information, stories, technology, and space they need. I also love building up an affirming community, particularly for teens.”

With the rise of book challenges in the United States, many bibliophiles have come to value public education even more. Librarians are continually fighting for the right of intellectual freedom and combating bannings on important library materials. Librarians are working hard to maintain identity-affirming spaces, especially when most book challenges affect LGTBQIIA+ content and books featuring people of color. 

12. “Offering people books, programs, and resources absolutely free is a joy. It’s so fulfilling to hand someone a stack of free books.”

When times are tough, knowing you can go to your neighborhood library and take home a good book—or five—can feel empowering. It’s also a nice way to get your kids out of the house without worrying about your budget. Librarians love providing their patrons with endless opportunities for fun, education, and meaningful experiences, regardless of their financial means.

13. “My favorite thing is helping people with something that changes their life (applying for a job, enrolling in school, etc.).”

Did you know that your local librarian can help you apply for a job or conduct research? For example, law librarians are professionals that help attorneys, law students, and patrons understand how to use legal research materials. These are just some of the many roles and specializations librarians can provide to patrons all over the world. 

14. “There’s a very real thrill in helping a kid who isn’t ‘into reading' find books that interest them and become an avid reader.”

As all librarians know, most kids who say they don’t like to read just haven’t found the right book yet, and they are up for the challenge of finding that just-right book! 

15. “The best parts of being a librarian are deep conversations at book club, little kids' delight at storytime, making connections with shy teens, and offering people a safe, welcoming place.”

Libraries have a wealth of books, services, and other resources for patrons, but it’s the librarians who make the magic happen. They are the ones who initiate book clubs, encourage patrons to read books that foster critical thinking, and always make everyone feel welcome. Next time you visit your library, thank your librarians for everything they do! 



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