Now they want to shut down your public library!

But we're making sure that communities can fight back!

It has never been about the books.

It has always been about denying your right to access America’s public libraries.

Dozens of libraries across the country are being threatened with defunding initiatives that have been launched by a handful of book banning radicals and political operatives.

But we're making sure that communities can fight back!


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Samuels Public Library, VA

The Samuels Public Library in Front Royal, Virginia, has been the target of a book banning campaign led by members of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. It comes as little surprise the majority of books are those in the children’s and young adult sections by or about LGBTQ+ Americans and themes. The group has not stopped at demanding book removal, though. They have turned their attention to defunding the library if their demands are not met.

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Ida Rupp Public Library, OH

A group of moral crusaders is attacking the library over LGBT+ books. They've been frustrated because the library board and staff continue to defend the Constitution and the rights of people to have their stories told. So the book banners are now mounting a Vote No campaign to try and defeat a Levy.

We're supporting the "vote yes" campaign with pro-bono consulting and funding.

Columbia County Rural Library District, WA

At the library in Columbia County in Washington a community member filed a petition to close the library through an act of voters because the library contains books by and about LGBTQ+  Americans. This ballot initiative began because someone took pictures of the pride displays, altered the photos to make it appear that all the books were located in the children’s section of the library and posted the false image on a Dayton community Facebook page.

We're supporting the "vote no" campaign with pro-bono consulting and funding.


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Ozark Dale County Library, AL

In Dale County, Alabama text messages revealed that Ozark Mayor Mark Blankenship sent a text to library board member Monica Carroll asking “What do I need to do to have these 61 books removed from our library?”

“I’ll bring a match,” Carroll replied, along with two laughing emojis.

The mayor is now calling to defund of the library.

We're supporting their petition with pro-bono consulting and direct funding.

Autauga-Prattville Public Library, AL

This library is also looking at potential defunding through a contractual agreement built around censorship. If the library does not censor its books or does not give control of the organization to political groups, the city will pull its funding.

We're supporting their petition with pro-bono consulting and direct funding.

Patmos Library

In Jamestown Conservatives called the librarians “groomers” who were “indoctrinating” children because they refused to take LGBTQ books off the shelves. You might remember that we asked you to donate through their GoFundMe campaign for the library, which received donations from around the world. It soon raised over $100,000, which is when Nora Roberts added a $50,000 donation — the maximum allowed by GoFundMe. It topped out at over $250,000 in donations and helped us launch the Nora Roberts Challenge.