We're fighting the hate groups behind book bans.

It's the people like you who are fighting against book bans that represent the mothers of America.

If you've been following the organized attacks on your freedom to read, you know Moms 4 Liberty is one of the most well funded organizations that we've been fighting against.

Today, Southern Poverty Law Center labelled this group as a hate group.


We'll put 100% of your donations to work fighting against well-funded book banning hate groups like Moms 4 Liberty.


Moms 4 Liberty likes to portray themselves as a widespread movement of innocent mothers, but Melissa “Missy” Bosch (Lonoke County, AR Chapter) was indicted for terroristic threatening towards the faculty and staff of Cabot School district and she was recorded musing about gunning down a school librarian:


"If I had any mental issues, they would have been plowed down with a gun by now."


While they claim to be fighting against pornography, we know that's not true. They've demanded the removal of books about everything from seahorses, to Johnny Appleseed, to hurricanes.


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We also know that more than 70% of parents disagree with book bans, less than 1% of parents opt-out of school reading material when given the chance, and more than 90% of bans are initiated by only 1 or 2 community members.

That means that Moms 4 Liberty doesn't even represent the majority of mothers in America.

In fact, it's the people like you who are fighting against book bans that represent the mothers of America.

That's why we've been fighting back. And winning!

Your donations go to support local community groups who are fighting back against these well-funded hate groups backed by dark money politics. 


The groups who want to deny your freedom to read are well-funded by dark money political orgs. We need your help to fight back!


We built the tools that community members like you can use to fight against book bans at fightforthefirst.org. We'll support campaigns on this platform with direct funding, pro-bono consulting, access to digital tools, and much more. 

But we can't do it without you. That's why we're asking you to make a donation to fight book bans, racism and homophobia, and attacks on your freedom. 

Please take a moment and help us stand with the majority of mothers in this country with a donation today.