10 Ways to Enjoy a Library Book

How many ways do you enjoy library books?

A list of ten creative and unique ways to enjoy a library book.

Although many library regulars are also bibliophiles, it can be admittedly tricky to constantly read new books without feeling a bit burnt out. To help you out, here’s a list of ten creative and unique ways to enjoy a library book!

Listen While You Work

Do you enjoy listening to audiobooks? Use free library resources like Libby and Hoopla to download and stream some of your favorite authors! Listen while you work, commute from place to place, or complete everyday tasks.

Sit in a Coffee Shop

Sometimes, the best way to devour a good library book is to take it with you to your local coffee shop. Have a warm cup of coffee or tea as you indulge in a new story!

Write a Book Review

Check out a library book to analyze and review its narrative. Use post-it notes to point out important details and create a review once you’ve finished reading. Feel free to make it in any way you like via video, social media, or essay. 

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Make an Inspired Meal

Many books contain scrumptious descriptions of particular foods, some of which significantly impact the story. Authors sometimes even include recipes for their character’s foods in footnotes!

Have a Movie Night

Were you reading a book with a notable movie adaptation? Check it out at the library, watch its coinciding movie, and compare the two. Which did you like better? Were there some changes you wanted? 

Act a Little Rebellious

Are you feeling a little rebellious? Google a list of banned books to see if they sound interesting. Proceed to visit your local library to check out a challenged or banned book and find out what people are talking about.

Write Something Based on What You Read

Writers are always readers first. If you want to get started with creative writing, check out a book from the library and write a short story based on what inspired you. 

Cozy Up Next to a Fireplace

As we transition into the winter season, some parts of the U.S. may make it difficult to read outside. Alternatively, set yourself up next to the fireplace, wrap yourself up in a blanket, and read your latest library book! 

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Assemble a Book Club

Gather friends or other community members to assemble a book club! Feel free to revolve the activity around a specific theme or select books randomly.

Host a Presentation Party

Potentially doubling as an activity for the previously mentioned book club, assign individual books to your friends and make detailed presentations about what everyone reads. Being that this is for fun, these can be as silly or serious as you’d like them to be!

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