"I'm Not A Book Banner"

They aren't book banners; they just want to ban books.

People who want to ban books still don't seem to understand what book bans are.

Sometimes the arguments that school board members make leave you scratching your head.

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One Wilson County, TN, school board member said, "we're not banning books; we're simply saying that we don't think that public school library is the place for it." 

They still don't get it. A parent responded, "you are banning books if you vote to remove this. And telling yourselves you're not — you're lying to yourselves." 

Sign the petition to fight book bans!

One attendee got angry when the school librarian said she was a "book banner" and said that that term was "highly inaccurate." Even though that was exactly was she was trying to do.

Or rather, she said, "We are asking for the books that have been brought to the attention of the school personnel to be removed from the recommended reading lists in the schools and not being offered to children."