A New Mom’s Best Resource for Herself and Her Child: the Local Library

A New Mom’s Best Resource for Herself and Her Child: the Local Library

I’m not a mom, but from what I can tell, it is really hard work. Like, I have no idea how you do it, work. My mom is a library power user and she passed the library gene on to me. Big time. If I was a mom, I would have my kids at the library from the minute they could leave the house as infants.

You don’t have to be a power user to love the library. And you don’t have to be a mom to fall in love with all that libraries offer. But, if you are a mom, the library is one of the best resources available to you. From parenting resources and social connection to early childhood development toys, arts and crafts, storytime and much more, the local library can be a new moms best resource for yourself and your child.

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1. Books

Yep, libraries have books. And lots of them — in particular around parenting, health, self-improvement, food and, if you need it (I’m thinking you might) relaxation and self-care. They also have tons of books for kids. Win-win: your kid is happy and you get books to help you unwind, boost your own well-being and be a great parent.

2. Storytime

Reading to your kid is one of the most powerful ways to boost literacy, develop their early language skills, instill a spirit of lifelong learning, stimulate brain development and creativity, and connect with your little one. Library storytime brings all those benefits into a community setting where kids can meet, listen, learn and play and moms can socialize, share book recommendations and connect with other moms. You’ll also get affirmations that you’re not alone and a reminder that it does take a village.

3. Socialization for Baby

Libraries are a safe, fun, community-focused way to start socializing your baby beyond your immediate friends and family. Childrens librarians are super-forgiving of babies crying and toddlers toddling about, you’ll be surrounded by other parents and kids, and there are reading materials designed to withstand all the pulling and crumpling your enthusiastic baby can dole out.

4. Children’s Area

Once your baby turns into a toddler, you can set them loose in the children’s area. These magical spaces are full of books, small tables and chairs, developmental toys, games, blocks and librarians who possess a wealth of knowledge about children’s books, parenting materials, programming and development. These amazing people have chosen to spend their careers working around kids. Take advantage of all their insights, passion and experience.

5. Music

Maybe you’re a singer or musician who already exposes your kid to music. Or maybe you’re not. Either way, the library can help introduce your little one to music from around the world as well as right at home. From media materials you can borrow and pianos you can play to singalong events, concerts and kid-friendly music programming, the library is a very music-friendly environment for you and your kid.

6. Programming

Library programming is a treasure trove of participation, inspiration and mental stimulation. Offerings include meetups, art and cultural events, personal development curriculum, workshops, professional development events, parenting support groups, crafts, coworking and entrepreneurial gatherings, wellness presentations and much more. Take a look at local offerings to see which ones feel right for you and your family.

For busy new moms, the local library can be a valuable resource. Library branches offer everything from books and media materials to community, expert librarians, arts and culture, educational and developmental toys and much more.