A Potato Mystery at the Wayland Free Public Library

A Potato Mystery at the Wayland Free Public Library

Here is a story that will baffle you just as much as it has baffled the public librarians at Wayland Free Public Library. There aren’t too many unexpected encounters that librarians have, especially on a regular day at work. However, many were left confused when mysterious potatoes began showing up on the lawn of the library. These random appearances were not only a curious mystery for those in town to become engaged with, they were also a humorous addition to the week.

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The First Potato Appears 

This series of events began when library director, Sandy Raymond, noticed a potato while walking around the grounds of the library. One potato seems random and misplaced and isn’t too much to draw someone’s attention. However, things became weird when she discovered a second potato on library grounds the following day.

The library shared these strange occurrences on social media and soon everyone was chiming in with their potato sightings. Someone even alerted Raymond of the piles of potatoes left along the mailboxes on a city road. The most interesting aspect of this mystery is that the russet potatoes are already baked, leading many to believe it was some mistake by a local restaurant. Some brief investigation showed that none of the restaurants nearby even sold baked potatoes, stumping the librarians and the community even more.

Theories Emerge 

Plenty of theories have popped up, friendly animals leaving the potatoes as offerings, student pranksters, a rare and unlikely potato migration. Others in town have suggested that the baked potatoes were used by bikers who used the trail nearby as a means to keep warm. So far, no official culprits have been discovered and Raymond went along with the whole mystery in good spirits, leaving the potatoes sitting undisturbed on the library lawn.

These spuds have generated talk all over town and created a fun atmosphere for amateur detectives. The library is going along with it by asking any residents to “chip” in any information they may have on this case. They have even used it as an opportunity to promote some reading materials to the community. The library showcases Potatopia, a potato cookbook, on their website for those who have become enticed by the Great Potato Caper of 2021. While the mystery remains, it brought smiles to residents in the community.