Book Ban Book Banned in Florida

Yes, you read that right.

Would you believe a school library system would go so far as to ban a book about book banning just because it mentions banned books?



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Yes. Indian River recently removed the book “Ban This Book,” against a committee recommendation to retain it on library shelves, simply because it mentions books commonly banned by school systems nationwide.

Think about that. The book itself does not have any objectionable content. However, it mentions books that small minorities elsewhere have found objectionable.  

And for that reason, in Indian River, it had to go.


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So here is, briefly, what happened.  The Moms for Liberty Chapter Chair submitted an objection to Alan Gantz’s book Ban This Book, a junior fiction novel about a student who finds that her favorite book has been banned from her school library.  The mere mention of book banning was enough for a case to be filed against it to have it removed from shelves.


Per the county's guidelines, a district committee that included parents met and reviewed the book. They then recommended to the IRC School Board that it be retained on library shelves. 

They found nothing objectionable in its contents, based on Florida state laws regarding what cannot be present in school libraries.


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That’s when the school board stepped in and reversed the decision.

In a 3-2 decision, the Indian River County School Board overruled the review committee's decision and removed the book.