Campaign Resources

Welcome to the EveryLibrary Campaign Resources Page. Here you will find a number of free resources to help your campaign win!

Campaign Timeline

This example timeline helps you understand the best timing for many of the typical activities of a political campaign. This example is not comprehensive of all activities nor do we recommend that campaigns use each tactic. However, this timeline may help you understand and plan your own campaign.


Social Media Ready Images

These images are ready for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Posting one of these images everyday will help build engagement on your social media and increase your reach. These images are Photoshop files and are designed to be edited to include your campaign or library logo and URL.


Campaign Budget

This customizable Excel file will help your campaign stay on budget. This blank budget includes sample activities that many campaigns use to win but is not a comprehensive list and your campaign may not use all of the tactics listed. A campaign budget is a living document and should be updated and referenced often throughout the campaign.


Campaign Scheduler

The customizable Excel file will keep your campaign on schedule to win. This scheduler is based on a standard Gant Chart and includes example activities and tactics that you can assign to key members of your campaign team with due dates and deadlines for completion. This is a not a comprehensive list of campaign activities and your campaign may not use every tactic.



Whether you are calling to identify yes voters, persuading voters, asking for volunteers, or getting out the vote, these sample scripts will have you covered. These scripts are customizable for your campaign needs and will help you train your phone bank to win!